Final Fantasy VIII Achievements Leaked on Steam

Hardcore Gamer: Good news for fans of the under appreciated Final Fantasy VIII, as it looks like the somewhat beloved Square RPG will be headed to steam. In the past twelve hours, eight achievements for the game surfaced, including ones like "Draw 100 Magic" and unlocking various Guardian Forces characters.

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KingKelloggTheWH1986d ago

Why didn't they do this for PS3?

Screw you square.

DarkBlood1986d ago

it would probably turn into a psn game thats why


polish the sprites, fix the resolution for uk so its not got massive black boarders, chuck in trophys and have it as a psn game if need be, id re buy it as would millions more...easy profit id imagine!...but spose square knows best

zeal0us1986d ago

My gut is telling me that FF8(for steam) will suffer the same fate as FF7(for steam) forever stuck in digital limbo.

TheLyonKing1986d ago

They really should have done this with the ps3 even just adding acheivments to the psn release. This is my favorite fantasy so one day I am hopeing the remake it :)

100% complete and it was my first ff where i finsished everything off.

LAWSON721986d ago

Ff7 rerelease on pc was great looking in battles the antialiasing made lines smooth, but it sadly did not come to steam. Hopefully 8 will come to steam