Todd and Max discuss… The Xi3 Piston

StickSkills said, "You see, I think there’s a lot of potential in this small living room PC, but I think now isn’t the time for it. I’m glad it exists, though, mainly because it’s a proof of concept. In the future, these small form-factor PCs are going to take over. But now isn’t the time. I think a streaming option, similar to an AppleTV, that takes your Steam games and puts them on your HDTV is a better, more cost effective option. Plus, it’d allow Valve to take some market share away from Apple."

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Spoon_1981d ago

With the cheap games, mod support, upgradeable hardware they just seem so limitless but yall can have that keyboard and Mouse setup.
A controller in your hand is what gaming is about.
Im anxious to see valve do this a console that can do everything a pc can do

Spoon_1981d ago

The prototype has not even been revealed yet remember

CapsLocke1981d ago

"A controller in your hand is what gaming is about."

Console gaming. PC gaming is something different.

hazardman1981d ago

I'm not an avid pc gamer, but given the entry price of the piston I would rather just build my own rig which I'm planning to do. Also why game on pc with controller? To me it takes away from what you get from mouse/keyboard gameplay the way PC games were meant to be played.

kevnb1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Wow the internet is a strange place sometimes.. Are people really this stupid though?