The Last of Us demo download instructions are a bit screwy

GE: "As far as we know, the DualShock 3 controller does not possess "F" and "S" buttons. But someone at Sony apparently thinks otherwise."

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JonahNL1956d ago

Almost makes me hope the game would come to PC. One can only dream.

meetajhu1956d ago

Can't w8 for Ps3 emulator!

Reverent1955d ago

meetajhu clearly has no idea how an emulator works.

JonahNL1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Damn, why so many dislikes? Are you all that butthurt that I mentioned I would like a console game to also appear for PC? Do you know why I said it? Because I find the game to be awesome and I would love to play it, but I don't have a PS3.

Fine then, don't mention anything on PC to come to the PS4 then either. Oh, wait, what's that about Diablo III? Yeah, I thought so.

SDF Repellent1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )


I don't see you around posting often in any Sony related articles but here is the scoop,

If you remotely mentioned any thing positive about another product or brand in a Sony article, doesn't matter if it is only a wish, the disagree will auto-fire at a rate faster than the US national deficit. Trust me, me and many others have gone through this treachery and I am lucky to be alive to tell the story.

JonahNL1956d ago

@SDF Reppellent
I highly doubt that someone would lose three bubbles because of a user base you just described. I've had my fair share of disagrees, but I still have my bubbles.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1956d ago

i want it to be only on playstation, people need a reason to switch over, if not why even have a playstation

Th4Freak1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

@ZidaneNL Lucky you I lost a couple of bubbles some days ago because I said I wanted to buy a PS4 :/

TXIDarkAvenger1956d ago

Why the dislikes?

I'll say it straight up. N4G is the home of Sony fanboys...before it was Xbox fanboys. If you like something other than Sony or say anything against Sony, your gonna have a bad time.

GenericNameHere1956d ago

Wanna know another reason why I HATE PC Elitists? They can apparently spend HUNDREDS of dollars upgrading their graphics cards and other upgradeable PC stuff every year, but then they pirate games, and won't pay a now measly (well, to them rich PC folks anyways) $279 for a freaking PS3...

I know not everyone have money to spend $300 for just one console, but you PC Elitists are always bragging about your graphics like it money was no matter when making your gaming. What, you just gonna hack the game to play on your PC instead and make it run on "native 1080p on 60 FPS with anti-aliasing"??

Look, I want League of Legends and Left for Dead to come to the PS3? But guess what? It won't happen. I'd have to get a decent gaming laptop/PC, or an Xbox 360. Just like how you need to buy a PS3 to play TLOU (or wait several years for a PS3 emulator, not that I condone it)

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DragonKnight1955d ago

@ZidaneNL: Don't pay any attention to disagrees unless you purposely write controversial stuff, in which case you probably wouldn't care about them anyway. People disagree about any and every little thing. I'll get disagrees for this even though I'm not stating anything that could technically be disagreed with except for "people disagree about everything."

It's cool you want to play it on PC because you don't have a PS3, but it's a Sony first party game and that means it's exclusive to the PS3 so you will not be able to play it on PC until an emulator is made an functional. That will probably take years though as emulation is hard enough on its own, but with the PS3's architecture it's nearly impossible. But maybe you know someone who'll let you play it on their PS3?

TheRealSpy1955d ago

If you already shelled out hundreds of dollars on a great graphics card for your top-end computer, why would you waste 300 dollars on a piece of hardware you'll hardly ever use?

hardly worth buying a whole console for one game that MIGHT be turn out to be good.

I say might, btw, because, like all of you, i haven't actually played the game yet; but, unlike nearly all of you, I am incapable of declaring a game I haven't played to be "Great" or "goty."

mi_titan271955d ago

@ repellent, that was too funny, i completely understand what your saying

Xsilver1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Trust me Aint no One asked for diablo 3

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Canary1956d ago

You could post "I enjoy music," and still end up with more disagrees than agrees and some de-bubbles.

EeJLP-1956d ago

Maybe because you'd be "Off topic"?

Omni-Tool1955d ago

On topic: I think whoever wrote the instructions down were not paying attention.

For this little discussion: People fail to realize that there isn't a like or dislike button. There is however an agree and disagree. If you disagree with someones points, then hit the agree button. If you agree, then hit the agree button. It is nothing personal folks. learn to read and how to use the website.

Canary1955d ago

@omnitool: except it often is personal, as people use the agree/disagree thing incorrectly--specifically, statements of fact.

jon12341956d ago

aww, i was hoping for something like stand on one foot while inputing the code

Christopher1955d ago

Sony's secret way to sell more PSEyes...

*dons conspiracy hat*

TOGC1956d ago

eh...this is just a simple misprint. This is what mine is:

EeJLP-1956d ago

It looks like it could be a BS photoshop anyway. The F and S are a different font than the rest of the typing. There's no non-bold F to compare, but the S is clearly thinner and the ends don't curve toward the center as much as every other S.

Plagasx1956d ago

Screw the demo...The game comes out like 2 weeks later.

I'll wait for the full experience!

jon12341956d ago

the game has been pushed back to june

LKHGFDSA1956d ago

says "button", not "key". they probably used the letters as placeholders for the XO/\[] icons, since they're not normal symbols.

MoveTheGlow1955d ago

Possibly. Or they could be referring to keyboard stuff. Maybe this was some crazy reappropriated debug code instructions list, and someone forgot to change a couple of buttons around on the sheet. Like, why would they not just type out "X" or "Circle" or "Square..." unless the person typing it is paid by the character :P

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