Is Madden 25 Skipping the Wii U?

GotGame: EA makes no mention of the Wii U for the game's release this fall; acknowledging only a PS3 and Xbox 360 version.

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Jadedz1778d ago

Once EA's exclusive deal with the NFL expires, 2K will definitely fill my need to play NFL titles on the Wii U.

RTheRebel1778d ago

I Hope 2K gets NFL License =)

Ramon3MR1778d ago

Have never been a fan of exclusivities as it pertains to pro sports. Competition is good.

t3gamenews1778d ago

ea has always released kiddy madden games on wii, then suddenly make 1 real looking one on wii u & want our respect?
what happend to all the engines before ps3, wii, & 360 why not use those on wii?

lilbroRx1778d ago

The one they released on the Wii U was an inferior version that was using the old 2011 madden engine while all of the other were using the new 2012 engine.

The ones on the Wii were actually better.

Theyellowflash301778d ago

EA has a beef with Nintendo. This is all over the internet. There not going to be releasing much stuff for the Wii U.

falcon791777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

EA will die this gen they bk Sony/Microsoft like they will suceed no matter what,when wiiu takes off and they come crying bk to Ninty because Mariokart and zelda sell consoles by the 10's of millions,they should say look EA we just didnt want Origin sorry guys then you played silly beggers,we don't need you go away ?? haha

What EA need to understand is when wiiu becomes a big hit,its you the publisher that needs the console not the other way around console makers market it and make it popular then its the punlishers job to bring compelling AAA content that will gain themselves a fanbase ?? Nintendo have more characters then disney ?? 1st party/2nd party games and 3rd party exclusives like Beyonetta2 and Wonderful 101 and LegoCity are only going to make the WiiU have quality over quantity,and PES 2014 on WiiU will be just fine for me :)

SDF Repellent1778d ago

Who cares, I still play NFL 2K5 on my Xbox 360 to this day for my Football fix, will never buy an EA sports title ever again.

falcon791777d ago

EA will shoot themselves in the foot if they dont support wiiu,gamers are getting bored PES has over taken fifa in pure innovation and graphics,NFS looks amazing and criterion have confirmed wiiu releases along side ps4 ect,but all i'm saying is EA go full pelt or don't bother.

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The story is too old to be commented.