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Gamespot - MLB 2K13 is a complete and utter retread with all the appeal of used chewing gum.

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Blackhawk32017d ago

Just go buy a Playstation 3 if you don't have one, and pickup The Show. Problem solved. Has been this way for a few years now. Glad to see nothing has changed.

However... if 2K were able to make me a football game.... Eff you EA.

SDF Repellent2017d ago

LOL, this is the only time that PS3 fanboys care about Baseball videogame.

Hicken2017d ago

What does that even mean? I'd think they care about baseball video games when the games are about to be released?

Are you gonna sit at your computer and be asinine enough to suggest that The Show is NOT a better game than 2K?

Or are you going to continue your current path, which is to not even debate the merits of the two games, and instead draw attention to a supposed level of fandom that may or may not exist?

Want the best baseball game on the market? Buy The Show. Playstation owners already know this. Most of the industry already knows this. Hell, I'm sure even 2K knows this. It's only the fanboys like you that try to downplay it.

Blackhawk32016d ago

You comment makes no sense Repellent. "fanboys?" I have all the systems. I play the better games. The Show is clearly better than 2K. Says everyone.