My Reason: For Not Seeing Sony’s Next-Gen Dominance…in One Picture

VGR: A picture is worth a thousand words…a picture of numbers is worth how much?

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Muffins12231981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

and the ps2 beat xbox and gamecube in sales

Jadedz1981d ago

Those days are over with (unless you factor in handhelds). There will be a few 3rd party exclusives, but development cost has increase a lot more since that era.

RTheRebel1981d ago

And they says MS started timed exclusives lol

shoddy1981d ago

I though American already know that we are not the center of the universe.

slayorofgods1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

A monopoly is if / when Sony owns Nintendo and MS. The PS2 is called a a$$ kicker of its generation.

On topic

MS did capitalize on the one year head start and The U.S. bought into video games early this generation. However, Sony has really brought the competition to close out this generation. It'll be interesting to see who goes where once the PS4 is released. So far they have gained a lot of interest, MS is now the ones that need to keep up moving forward..

Let's hope we don't have a Windows 8 type of maneuver from MS. They have been on a hot streak of needing to fire Balmer, they could blow it again.

RememberThe3571981d ago

A monopoly is when one company controls an entire industry. MS has one with Windows OS, Rockefeller had one with Standard Oil.

The game industry is actually more of a oligopoly where a few companies run the industry. Less so when you factor in the indies and the open PC market, but absolutely on the console side. There has always been competition in this industry, we've never had a monopoly.

KwietStorm1981d ago

Do you know what a monopoly is?

b163o11981d ago

If China lifts there console ban, then no one will be able to predict who'll win the NextGen battle…

BiggCMan1981d ago

Let's not forget that this guy says MS and Nintendo have both doubled Sony's NA sales....Last time I checked, 26x2 is 52, and neither the Wii or 360 seems to have sold 52 million according to this chart. Plus there's the fact that..he completely ignored the global numbers where PS3 is on par with the 360.

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Skynetone1981d ago

ms put a half a billion dollars into the launch of kinect, and the ps3 still steamrolls the 360 with zero advertisement

yeah im really worried about the ps4 future

a_squirrel1981d ago

Also the chart is a hardware to software ratio, so, this whole article is pointless

jmac531981d ago

@a_squirrel Software is where these companies make their money so yes it is important. Xbox has always had a higher software attach rate so Microsoft has made more money.

a_squirrel1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

It's pointless because what if I only sold 1 piece of hardware and yet less software than everyone else? I'd be at the top. It'd seem like I sell more software (compared with selling hardware) than everyone else.

The chart means nothing without solid numbers to base the ratios off of.

rainslacker1981d ago

Sony and MS are actually about equal now. MS advantage on attach rate was true up until 2011, and some reports say Sony has overtaken MS in this regard, although nothing substantial.

Either way, the other people are right, attach rate is a useless way to measure a consoles success. Wii had a pretty low attach rate, yet was a very successful system.

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WildArmed1981d ago

Ps2 was actually sales were toe to toe in NA and Europe.

And by looking at total sales of gaming platforms by region over all generations, you get:
41% of all hardware sales are from North America.
30% from Europe
20% from Japan

Ofc these numbers don't take into account of changing times from back when the old consoles were released. But never the less, it's clear you can't predict anything by looking at such numbers.

rainslacker1981d ago

You can't predict anything by looking at historical numbers anymore, particularly if you try to do so in a skewed manner like this article did. Let's face it, no one could look at the Xbox numbers and predict that 360 would become the powerhouse it did. Same with the Wii and GameCube.

There are just way too many variables involved in what makes a console successful to focus in on just one thing.

DarkHeroZX1981d ago Show
morkendo231981d ago

sold all my ps3 games and console today retiring from gaming. @ 54 church is the way now.

good bye gamers torch is passed on.........

IRetrouk1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Really, is it against christianity to game now lol, seriously though, u serious? Why give up a hobby when it does no harm to you or anyone else? Not slagging ur choice just interested :-)

Cueil1981d ago

@IRetrouk if he wants to rededicate his life that's his business

RememberThe3571981d ago

Good luck. GO HAWKS! Percy Harvin!!!! lol I've been pumped all day!

IRetrouk1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Obviously but if he didnt want to discuss it then why post it in the firstplace?, i wasnt being nasty or making fun, i was just interested in his point of view and wanted to discuss it with him, that is what you do on a forum isnt it? You know you can game without dedicating your life to it right? I know many christians who game :-) you dont always have to give up the things you enjoy to make a change in/to your life.

Why o why1981d ago

we all reach a time to leave things and move on for varying reasons. He will always be welcome back...Gaming will be hard to dodge if youre around any tech head kids, friends or relatives. good luck

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brave27heart1981d ago

My reason why this article is pointless in two words.

Source Vgchartz

showtimefolks1981d ago

This article is fill of Xbox fanboys trying their best to bring down the playstation brand

A year ahead start
High price point for ps3
Hard to develop for
Bad ports
Psn start up and hack

All of that yet ps3 has outsold the xbox360 since day one and now has passed it for #2 on the list. Ps3 is on pace to sell 129 million consoles this gen making it 3 straight gens of selling 100 million plus.(xbox360 is also on pace for 115 million plus)

All this hate yet playstation brand today is stronger than ever before, while ms has shifted it's focus to kinect and crappy kinect games Sony has done nothing but deliver top notch games. Halo,gears,fable and forza what else?

Have fun paying for xblive while psn will be free and will have a lot more features and cross game chat for free

Have fun playing same 2-3 recycled series

This time Xbox brand isn't getting a year ahead start so ps4 will outsell the next Xbox from day one and never letting up.

Kurt Russell1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Ironic you go on about Xbox fanboys... then go on a mega defense rant smack talking the console you don't own and making excuses for the one you do, wouldn't you say?

*EDIT - also reading the comments above you, the majority seem to be in defense of the PS3, so what ever dream cakes you're eating share them around will ya?

Condemnedman1981d ago

Yes loads of xbox fanboys making comments =-/ deluded child .

showtimefolks1980d ago

Kurt Russell

scalyranger667 is my xblive

i see what both companies did right and wrong, early on this gen ms was all about core gamers but after they saw the success of wii they totally forgot about their core fans. Just watch the last 3 e3's and you can see for yourself.

also some of the comments on this article are all about hating the playstation 4 when we know so little, PS brand has delivered a lot more than any other brand

colonel1791981d ago

While history is good to know trends, unexpected things can happen. Just look at the Wii and the 360. If someone based the success of the 360 on the Xbox, then it was meant to be doomed. It also happened with Sony: after 2 successful generations, everybody would have expected to be the same, but it wasn't.

In short, every generation is completely different from each other, and it's a new start for every company. No one knows which console will be the most successful this gen, until all the console launch and are at least 2 years out.

Jadedz1981d ago

You people are gonna tell me that the PS2 didn't own the 3rd party market? The console had the top system selling 3rd party titles on lock, and publishers seemed to have favored Sony at the time.

The word ''monopoly'' might of been a little of a stretch, but Sony did lavishly well their PS1/2 consoles with an overwhelming amount of 3rd party supported titles.

Aceman181981d ago

Worthless article is worthless. i shake my head at these articles with their stupid claims. Im an American, and i can easily say the USA does not equal the world.

to me the sign of a good product is one that does well in all regions not just one hence the playstation brand will always do well because it sells to all regions unlike M$ who only sell here in the states, and England.

otherZinc1981d ago

Not only that true assessment of the North American Market.

But, the North American Market is the only market is the only market that is accurately tracked.

This is why you dont hear the arrogant SONY proclaiming world sales leadership because they know it isn't close to true.

Again, when SONY announces they are the world sales leader in a letter to its shareholders of the PS3's market position; all other news is false, period!

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Snookies121981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Lol! Yeah, as if North America and this generation of consoles are the only things that mattered when it comes to games... Sorry, but this article is grasping at straws. Why do you need a reason to see dominance of a console anyway? Why can't we just hope for success on all future consoles? Good god, it's like the majority of gamers are toddlers... -_-

PopRocks3591981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Part of it is North America is the largest market for games presently while the Japanese market weakened because of how the yen is weakening. Europe I'm not sure about presently, but the chart he brought up showed all three consoles generally selling best in America.

EDIT: Scratch that, the PS3 actually sold the most in the UK according to the chart.

I'm not sure how accurate it is (it's VgChartz, so...) and I'm not really agreeing with the guy, I'm just showing where he's getting his information from, for those who don't understand it.

Good_Guy_Jamal1981d ago

Did you share this pearl of wisdom when the articles saying ps4 would dominate were flooding the front page?

xxLuckyStrike1981d ago

Xbox will again take America hands down. Australia,UK and Europe could go either way. 720 and PS4 will most likely be close in sales within those regions. The rest of the world is starting to buy into Xbox brand. Sony will never dominate the market again

SilentNegotiator1981d ago

"Part of it is North America is the largest market for games presently while the Japanese market weakened because of how the yen is weakening"

Ahh, that's right; the USD is in GREAT shape right now, though! /s

JohnnyBadfinger1981d ago

Snookei is right. Whether PS Fans want to admit it or not. The Xbox has made a place for itself in the industry and they took a seat right up the front next to Nintendo and Sony and said "What up fuckers!" And just like that the new kid was hated for its arrogant confidence and its plain aggressiveness by PS fanboys.

Face it. As much as you want the Xbox to fail. Part of you admires it for making its rise during the play station era and coming out a winner. I don't mean winner as in it was the best console, but in the sense it has done everything it set out to do. And all in 2 generations. That's a win

PopRocks3591981d ago


If consoles sold more in other regions consistently in recent times, I wouldn't take that as another one of your lame attempts to take my comments out of context.

I said nothing about the dollar and I also said nothing about the economy in general. The Japanese market is less profitable because the yen took a supposedly big hit, making the western market a more profitable avenue for Japanese products. Therefor it's not outside the realm of freaking reality to infer that the US market is presently the largest for video games.

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joab7771981d ago

My reason as to why one tiny tidbit of info can predict the future of an unreleased console...oh wait thats what it should have been called. How do you factor in the fact that both sony and microsoft have sold about 75 million console. Or that many xbox consoles replaced rrod, or that the ps3 has generally been more expensive. All this shows is that Microsoft does well in the US and Nintendo appeased the casual crowd. It may be a better predictor of the new xbox's trajectory, away from hardcore gaming and towards casual and entertainment.

classic2001981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Amazing how sony still manage to out sell microsoft in every other continent regardless of always being more expensive this gen, just imagine if the PS4 is more closer to xbox price at launch.

Also not having a year start might literally bite them big time.

nukeitall1981d ago

Where I am right now, there is no 4GB standard Xbox 360. In fact, they only sell the Kinect bundle and 250GB hard drive version. The PS3 Slim is actually roughly $50 cheaper.

In some regions, the Xbox 360 is actually more expensive too.

That said, the PS3 is more popular here. If you ask most of them, it is because they have been gaming on the Playstation brand forever.

However, past history has also shown that a new generation can reset, just like the previous one where Sony pretty much rode on the Playstation brand, and not the system.

Blank1981d ago

Excellent picture you put up im downvoting the site and article as well as giving you a bubble

Kevin ButIer1981d ago

lol well played... srly how the hell did we approve this... it is a new low for me in terms of journalism. they are not even trying.

DigitalSmoke1981d ago

excactly, watch the map honkeys.

5eriously1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Most Americans do not even know there is another non American part of the world out there. Shame.

As for the article, The Americans were foolish enough to rather repeat purchase multiple xbox 360's due to RROD instead of opening a proper class action suite against Micro$oft. The next gen would not have the same additional "marketing" scam for Micro$oft to rely on.

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lociefer1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

This is dumb on so many levels that even the jesus facepalm picture cannot do it justice

gman_moose1981d ago

Yup, so many things wrong with this submission...

1) Source is VG Chartz
2) Using NA sales data to predict what will happen globally
3) Failing to recognize the 1 year head start by Microsoft
4) Saying that Xbox/Wii sales were "at least double" PS3 in NA. Math lesson much?

I don't understand why this site is even called News for Gamers. 99% of the submissions are pure garbage like this one.

Godmars2901981d ago

Right now as I see things MS only "won" this gen with the 360 because 1) they launched the console a year ahead of the competition and 2) multiple purchases from the same owners because of RRoD and various system/account bans. Even then they lost ground to Nintendo and then Sony, whereas when either of those companies possessed a lead - I mean, though its stalled the Wii is still leading - they only increased it.

Sure they're likely to retain a majority share in the US on brand name a lone - unless they do something dumb - but likely not the rest of the world.

DiRtY1981d ago

This is another urban myth story. Replaced RRoD units are not counted as a sale as long as they are under warranty. And the warranty was extended to 3 years, so a VERY tiny fraction bought a Xbox 360 twice and even less because of RRoD.

I bought two Xbox 360s. One for the living and one for the bedroom.

Anyway, Microsoft and the next Xbox is in a MUCH better position than they were last gen after the original Xbox. Sony on the other hand is in a much worse position than last gen after the PS2.

nukeitall1981d ago

It's amazing that the Xbox 360 did as well as it did considering it was the laughing stock last generation and has paid premium online game play.

Heck, the momentum it is still getting is astonishing and the retraction of the Wii is equally surprising.

I think the most telling thing here is the release of the PS Vita. It was praised to high heavens and loved due to it's price tag at announcement. Fast forward, and PS Vita's sale is very poor performer.

I don't even know if PS Vita can recover?

Point being, reality deviates from fanboy love quite frequently. This will all play out in the next 1-2 years and has more to do with a company's management and ability to be flexible.

arbitor3651981d ago

i think you are in for an unpleasant surprise