PixlBit's Picdun 2: Witch's Curse Review

PixlBit | "Can we talk about women? They’re a wonderful part of our society; in fact they make up just about half of it. With that many of them around, they’re able to have a huge impact by being mothers, scientists, lawyers, caretakers, nurses, teachers, doctors, police officers, and will even be fighting on the front lines of the U.S. military. Yet, the makers of Picdun 2 think it’s just fine to stick ridiculously sexualized females into their stupid game to rake in a few bucks and set the entire gender back a few steps in the process."

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Neckbear1953d ago

Wow, a bunch of random rambling about the game's heart, the puzzles, because apparently a puzzle being a puzzle is/was too much for this person.

It's such a shame that innovative and unique games get slammed around by dumb idiots that happen to have a website, because they're of the few people that will actually review them and the end result is, well, these inane paragraphs about complaining because oh, how dare a puzzle game challenge the mind and have pretty girls in the process.

And the comment section in this website? That's one circlejerk if I've ever seen one. My god.