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ftwrthtx1955d ago

Haven't seen anything new yet. Is this just another patch to repair a cfw hole?

Mariye1955d ago

Yup. I checked it out too and it's just one of those "boring" updates.

Gamesgbkiller1954d ago

Useful update.
It fixes the low frames drop on titles like little king story , ninga segma 2 and other game I don't remember.
That's what I heard.

Kalowest1954d ago

Basically a update full of nothing!!!

JoGam1954d ago

To be honest, There's no such thing as a update that does nothing. Every update does something rather its something you can see or not see.

Kalowest1954d ago

Thanks for telling me that, as if i don't already know. Wow, I can't even joke about sony products without ppl getting upset.

JoGam1954d ago

Oh I wasn't upset. Really I wasn't. I was just letting you know. If you was joking, my bad, I didn't know. Good Day!

rezzah1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )


Rockefellow1954d ago

It's not that you can't joke about that sort of stuff (though people around here are mighty sensitive about Sony), but that you sound like you might be retarded.

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StraightPath1954d ago

When are they going to allow multiple accounts on the vita? Sony once again with their useless updates that no one cares about. Why are they even advertising these updates like its big news.

Harkins17211954d ago

Jesus try having patience. They have Ps3, PsV, Ps4 all to worry about. What do you do play games? Wow thats a big business. Its there job they no people want this and that friggen hold off.

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flankhim1955d ago

Yup Boring!

2.07 would be boring

2.1 would be ok

2.5 would be cool

3.0 would be awesome!

Canary1955d ago

Vita really needs some content organization options--you know, folders.

Or, at the very least, more tabs. I think the OS limits you to something like 8 tabs, so if you've got a 32GB card and a lot of games (like me), coupled with a rudimentary sense of aesthetic sensibility, you end up running out of space.


And speaking of folders, was anyone else happy to see Nintendo add folder options in that old 3DS update, but then get really sad when it turned out the folder icons would only display the first letter of the folder name? Yikes.

I want better folder options from that for my Vita. Let us pick custom icons or something.

LackTrue4K1954d ago

I agree on the icon's...I don't like the Circles.
I think they should some folders or tabs.