Jonathan Blow on the power of PS4 and how sharing will change the way we play

“For The Witness we’re mostly interested in the base machine and how fast it is – the fact it has faster RAM than a PC, which really helps in shuttling graphics resources around, and since it’s not running a heavyweight operating system like Windows that gets in the way of your graphics,” he told us. “Rendering stuff through Windows has an impact on performance. Since a console is just about games, that doesn’t happen, and the equivalent game will run faster. And if you can target to specific hardware you can make it run faster, too.”

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Chuk51985d ago

I'm not sure what to make of the share button. One on hand, developers might be lazy and do the whole "bottom DS screen is map" thing and not really think about intergenerating the share button beyond utilitarian functions such as "direct post to youtube account". On the other hand, if the PS4 is built around the share button, who knows the extent of its power and the craziness developers could start utlizing it for. It's pretty damn exciting, and despite my skepticism, it's hard not to be excited and hope for the best.

Sevir1985d ago

Get stuff like this and while pc elitist gamers will flaunt the $400+ graphics cards for high resolutions above 1080p and 240 fps, what what Mr.blow stated above and in this article is the ringing truth about console versus PC development. And its why I choose consoles over PC, I don't see the need to invest in a graphics card at a high price to play consoles and ports at a higher resolutions.

Blackhawk31985d ago

Careful now Sevir... We may get someone on here posting the specs on their 'rig'..

However, I agree with your statement.

Oh, and I have one of these gaming rigs for you PC diehards out there, just not my preference when it comes to gaming. Always will be consoles. Grew up that way, will die that way.

BitbyDeath1985d ago

"That’s what’s crazy about PS4 – it has a chip that’s always recording to a maybe two-minute buffer. After something cool happens, it’s there in the buffer."

I wish we had this on the PS3, i'd have so many Warhawk videos recorded.

MysticStrummer1985d ago

Oh my God. One epic CTF moment just leapt into my mind. I'd keep that forever if I could. Warhawk was so awesome.

first1NFANTRY1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Basically what console gamers have been saying since the influx of butthurt PC fanboys on this site.

Optimization will always have an advantage. How many devs have to say this for you people to get it through your close minded heads?

In many ways a console is superior to gaming PC's.

SDF Repellent1985d ago

Wait, isn't he the same guy that said the PS4 is for gaming and only the Xbox 720 is "Not Strictly About Games?"

Now he is talking about how the PS4 has been built around social feature like YouTube the whole livecast and commentary thing.

Hypocrite much, Mr. Blow?

MysticStrummer1985d ago

If you don't see that what he's talking about is related directly to gaming, I don't know what to tell you.

Youtube is full of game videos, with and without commentary.

You need to look up "hypocrite", Mr Repellent.

There may be other social features that enter the "not strictly about gaming" category, but this use of the Share button doesn't qualify.

Hicken1985d ago

So he's a hypocrite for talking up gaming-centered social features on a console, and speaking out against facebook apps and the like that have NOTHING to do with gaming?

You'll be getting a dictionary for Christmas.

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