TIME: Before You Drop Money on Richard Garriott’s Shroud of the Avatar…

"Some of us have been waiting since before the final installment in the Ultima series (late 1999) for Garriott to make this move. And yet as I watched Garriott’s splashy, scripted pitch video on the Kickstarter page, I couldn’t help but worry. Why tout Ultima as “the longest-running RPG series in the history of [video] gaming” when you weren’t involved with it for the last decade-plus (and its subscriber base has been on life support for years)? And why, while promoting the Ultima series as a “pioneer” in the creation of ”interactive literature,” did the pitch team use footage from Ultima IX, the unmitigated dog of the series? (That, and how does “interactive literature” have anything to do with discovering the world “at your own pace”?)"

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