Wacky Wednesday – Konami’s Nintendo Hack

Modern Zorker writes, "If you were a third-party developer for Nintendo back in the days of the NES, there were a few simple rules you had to follow. First, like all jealous lovers, Nintendo wanted a committed, monogamous relationship. No wandering eyes to those other competing platforms of the time owned by rivals with names like “Sega”, “Atari”, or “NEC”. If you wanted to make Nintendo games, then by God, you were going to make games for Nintendo and Nintendo only. Heaven help the company suspected by Nintendo of even considering digital adultery."

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Ninjeska1957d ago

Haha I'd heard there were some dodgey tactics by game studios to get around rules in the early days. That's pretty cool.

triverse1957d ago

There were others. Maybe Modern Zorker would be interested in doing a piece on some of the others since these are pretty much forgotten bits of information (and hindsight is 20/20).