Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate brings back fond memories of Castlevania's past (

Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate is the direct sequel to the original Lords of Shadow. Is it anything like the original? Besides Gabriel Belmont's inclusion in the story, it's not. Is that a bad thing? Most certainly not.

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DivineAssault 2019d ago

so many mixed reivews about this.. Many people gave it 9z but the more renowned reviewers gave it mid-low scores.. I didnt care for the demo too much but i love this series so im really considering it.. GOW ascension & Tomb Raider are my top priorities tho.. Maybe later

CoryHG2019d ago

Those more "renowned" reviewers try to compares this to ps3 and xbox 360 games. It's a damn portable game man. When I read "oh it has stale textures" please tell me what you expect from the 3DS? And I also think those people didn't play the game in 3D either. The title is excellent, and the soundtrack is worth the game alone.

DivineAssault 2019d ago

possibly but i love the sprite versions & dont want to be disappointed.. I know this is more like god of warvania than a metroidvania but i cant see myself liking this too much.. NO EQUIPMENT MAN! NO NEW WEAPONS! i just cant do it.. I liked LOS on PS3 but it was 3D not 2D.. We will see one day but for now, i got other things to play

Venox20082019d ago

good game, playing it at the moment, better than demo