Rumored Battlefield 4 First Screenshots Are Fake, Taken From BF3's Cinematic Trailer

DSOGaming writes: "A couple of hours ago, gamers were jumping up and down when some rumored screenshots of Battlefield 4 hit the Net. Everyone was amazed by the visuals, however these are nothing more than shots from a cinematic trailer for BF3 that was created a year ago."

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N0S3LFESTEEM1900d ago

What if BF4 looks better than that?

john21899d ago

Certainly hope so, though I doubt we'll get this IQ

Cobain191899d ago

Indeed. I don't believe that next-gen platforms will be able to handle this kind of graphics

Peppino71899d ago

They looked awesome!

Cobain191899d ago

That would be cool, no doubt about that. However, these shots look almost like one or two generations ahead of what the PS4 Killzone game looked like

john21899d ago

IF (and that's a big if) Deep Down is indeed playable on next-gen platforms, then we might get visuals really close to this (at least at the end of the next-generation cycle)

GiggMan1899d ago

That's interesting... The screenshots look better than the trailer due to the art style and lighting. The trailer looks kinda like what Deep Down is shooting for. I agree with @John2, it could be possible down the line for something close to this.

DeadlyFire1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

You need to turn up that video of Killzone: Shadow Fall to 1080 to really appreciate its visual quality. Infamous Second Son doesn't disappoint. It looks to be able to duplicate Samaritan GDC Unreal Engine demo's graphics. If true we could see this become a reality.

Definitely possible on the engine. PS4 maybe, but likely with different techniques than the PC development. I don't expect first year next-gen titles to push but so far. :P

The good thing to note is some developers have shifted development to PC as the base platform for their multiplatform titles. Means we could see another golden era of PC games as well as console games benefiting from PC textures and so on. :)

MariaHelFutura1899d ago

I'm down w/ that BF4 cover art.

torchic1899d ago ploads/2013/03/rfgzyx1klf.jpg

that's an amazing screenshot. it's like a screenshot off of a scene in The Hurt Locker.

I was happy with current gen graphics slighty upgraded, but at 1080p + 60fps. if we get games that look like this, man.

I do agree with Giggman above that there's some smart art style editing and use of lots of lighting that makes it look that good. all the fabrics and flesh look "plasticky"

landog1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

bf3 looks better than that already on pc; the character models look really good, the backrounds not so much, sure its an enourmous improvement over anything on last gen ps3/360....but for pc....thats just normal looking gameplay...


and warfighter on pc blows it away;

plaZeHD1899d ago

Even those bullshots you posted doesn't look as good.

GillHarrison1899d ago

Crysis 3 with Ultra sttings on is definitely the best looking game I have ever seen, the detail on the faces alone is incredible.