ONM review scores – April 2013 – LEGO, Luigi’s Mansion, Need for Speed

The latest ONM reviews include the first Need for Speed: Most Wanted U score, and LEGO City plus Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.

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3-4-51956d ago

That and Luigi's Mansion 2 both look good.

LackTrue4K1956d ago

need for speed most wanted is terrable!!!
i also hated seeing cars park, but in order to drive 4 of have to give you card #

-_- what a joke.....i rather see them on the store as dlc, then to see them on the map in the game.

ChronoJoe1956d ago

Seems like an inflated score for the relatively mediocre Castlevania game though.

Blastoise1956d ago

Yeah some definite bias going on there I reckon

Venox20081955d ago

dont know about you, but Im enjoying Castlevania game at the moment.. good game

Deku-Johnny1956d ago

Sweet, the games I was planning on getting this month are all at least 90%.

Realplaya1956d ago

Glad I own one gaming system or I would be cashing out.

WeAreLegion1956d ago

I can't wait to get Lego City!!! :)

How do people enjoy Monster Hunter? Seriously.

mcstorm1956d ago

I cant wait for Lego City to as well as Luigi’s Mansion 2 and I will look to pick NFS up for the WiiU later on this year.

exfatal1956d ago

Im getting monster hunter and i gotta admit i havent really played the others in the series but. i played a bit of tri, its a challenging game but thats what its all about. If you can get pass the somewhat cluncky movement. its well over a 100 hours of challenging multiplayer fun, try it out on wii u if u havent yet.

WeAreLegion1955d ago

I tried out the demo. I had the Wii version for awhile. I just can't get past the sluggish battle mechanics. Either make it turn-based or speed up the movement. This is 2013. Level 5 figured out a good combination. Why can't they?!?

Amigaengine1956d ago

New IP's (Lego City) and rebuilt Need for Speed looking good.

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The story is too old to be commented.