God Of War: Ascension's Multiplayer Is The Freshest Competitive Experience In Years


I didn't think it would be fun or even vicious, but God of War: Ascension's online multiplayer component is the best thing in Sony's prequel for Kratos. In fact, it's easily the best new multiplayer experience since Assassin's Creed introduced online-stabbing with Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.

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TrendyGamers2020d ago

Can't wait till tomorrow!

knifefight2019d ago

Fresh, eh?

Now this is a story all about how,
Kratos got flipturned upside down,
we'd like to take a minute to play online,
because within a day or two, this great game will be mine.

Wedge192019d ago

In southeren greece, born and raised
In the arena is where he spent most of his days.
Slaying and killing and murderin' all cool
Using his blades on all the other fools.

When Ares the God, he was up to no good.
Started making trouble in his neighborhood.
He made one little pact and his family got killed.
He said "I'm not gonna stop until Olympus is Nil."

I tried.