Is The Console Model On Its Way Out?


For decades, gamers have grown to love and appreciate the ease and convenience that a dedicated game console provides. No drivers to install. No system requirement concerns. Simply put in the disc (or cartridge) and play. This past generation, we've begun to see some of the wonderful perks of console gaming we once took for granted slowly melt away, as console manufacturers create gaming machines that have an unsettling amount in common with PCs and other entertainment devices. Patches, firmware updates, downloadable content, multimedia applications, and more are all now a part of the picture, and while there's plenty of good that comes along with such additions, the inner child in me yearns to return to a much simpler time.

But that will never happen.

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knifefight1981d ago

It's crazy to think how much the times have changed from my early gaming days. You just popped in a game and knew it would work.

...And if it didn't, you could blow on it. THEN it would work. To think of what these consoles are doing these days. It's nuts. I don't think any of us would have imagined this back in 1985.

Max-Zorin1981d ago

My N64 is more reliable than these systems today.

RFornillos41981d ago

not anytime soon. the reason is that the alternatives have not yet proven themselves to be worthy to take over the console market.

take for instance gaming with tablets and smartphones. although there are lots of console-quality games that come out for these devices, the most popular ones that end up selling millions are casual games like Angry Birds that only serve to satisfy the fast-paced lifestyle of people who play them. people who prefer to play games to kill time.

cloud gaming - this technology will perhaps be the future of gaming, however not anytime soon. yes they've already made leaps and bounds to streaming games via the Internet, but as Iwata mentioned in one interview, at this point streaming games is only applicable to some games, but those that require fast-paced action usually suffer. and the reason of course is the limitations that go with a wireless environment and Internet bandwidth. whether you agree or not, there are still places around the world that have either no Internet, slow Internet, or expensive Internet connection.

PC Gaming - I'm a PC gamer myself, aside from dabbling with my consoles. however, i do recognize that investing in a PC gaming machine tends to be more expensive than consoles. some experiences are also quite different when playing a PC game with console games.

will the console model eventually fade into obscurity? it's possible, coz nothing's impossible. but like i've said, it's not gonna be anytime soon. i would say another generation or two after this next generation.

Hicken1981d ago


Next question, please? This time, put a little more thought into it first, would you?

Wedge191981d ago

The console model as we knew it, yes. However, I think there is still going to be a division between the "Plug and Play" of consoles with updates and patches that are easy and just given to you, versus the PC where hardware upgrades and technical knowledge is recommended. Consoles will still exist in a plug and play fashion for a while.