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KangarooSam2024d ago

Sony's so amazing, supporting everything so well. I need to start using mine more... I bought a bunch of games for $40 weeks ago and I have some Plus games that I need to play on it, too. Damn PS3, always distracting me...

Also, Far Cry 3 is sooooo great!

Derekvinyard132024d ago

Imagine far cry 3 on vita!!

Icy-Zone2024d ago

I'm at college and left my PS3 at home. Vita gets all my attention and it's effin sweet. Almost got ninja gaiden sigma plus platinum!!

andibandit2024d ago

Shouldn't you be studying instead?.

gta28002024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

A lot of people can study and still manage to make room for some leisure time.

CommonSenseGamer2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago ) a former PSP Go owner and long time PS3 owner I find your comment hard to swallow. I cant remember the last time Sony released a firmware update for PS3 that contained significant new functionality. Same went for PSP updates for the last few years. I also feel that drip feeding capabilities is not good business either. Not when the competition features thousands of Apps that do everything the Vita can do only a hell of a lot better.

Just open the Vita up to the Play store already!

juandren2024d ago Show
EmperorDalek2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

Can someone please list which apps on the Vita are better than what's available for iOS or Android?

Although the Vita may be the best portable gaming device I have not seen much from an Application point of view that bests iOS or Android. I would love it if Sony opened Vita up to the Play store. Imagine being able to play all the great hardcore and casual games that would be on offer from Sony first party developers and independent developers. It would be gaming heaven!

Grow up. Your comment is repulsive and has no place here.

despair2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

thing is I have both a Note II and a Vita, I got the phone in december to occupy my time(absolutely love it) as I am working/living away from home monday to friday, but I ended up buying the Vita because the phone does not have the games to interest me.

They are either too simple or difficult to use/compromised because of the controls. I love my vita for games but that's it, I use my phone for everything else and thats fine with me.

So its not just one is better than the other, but that one does something different to the other. Oh and I don't care who or how many people say it, mobile versions of games may look good but are not remotely close to the experience you get from a dedicated gaming handheld, not to mention less of a pain in the ass on your hands for extended sessions.

Avalanche2024d ago

chill it "will improve system software stability for some features."

in other words: Who cares. and no sony isnt supporting it "Well" if they were, Gamestops pre order list wouldnt be 7titles long....for the year

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Blank2024d ago

Look first own a vita then complain I welcome updates and stability look @kB0 comment just because it wont help you dont mean other gamers think narrow minded like you

chaos-lockheart2024d ago

A lot of people with PS Vita cares,and you care too, cause you came here and checked and replied.

MGRogue20172024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

why only improved system stability..? It's not that I'm not greatful, any support & updates for the system are welcomed with open arms.. but a few new features would have been nice.

No new options or tweaks to fiddle around with in this new update :/

tachy0n2024d ago

it only patches the latest exploit... useless because the PSVita will get hacked again you will see.

chaos-lockheart2024d ago


Please make smart and educated replies. The patch is not useless, you don't know what this update due. And if it is a Exploit patch it stalls the hackers.

GreenRanger2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

Still waiting for Sony to add a Copy/Paste function into the browser.
Also, i want them to put the refresh button on the side of the screen with the rest of the options, so i don't have to go to the top of the page every time i want to refresh the page.

Pillsbury12024d ago

Get your dragon zord bruh

CommonSenseGamer2024d ago

Sony's browser is years behind the competition and nothing over the past few years would suggest its ever going to catch up.

Now, imagine if Sony just allowed you to pick from Opera, Chrome, Dolphin or Mozilla. Its not just about games that gives a device a certain appeal. Its about being able customise and load it with any app you like. This is one of the reasons the Vita lacks mass market appeal.

chaos-lockheart2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

I think they can also like add search for a word in a paragraph in the web browser.

Fullmetalevolust2024d ago

ability to play ps2 games on the vita? Or is that gonna be a Gaikai functionality?

jon12342024d ago

i guess people like agreeing with trolls haha

chaos-lockheart2024d ago

Who's trolling, it will be great to play Ps2 games

jon12342024d ago

although it would be great, sony never promised ps2 games on the vita, and about gaikai, until we hear an announcement about it, its not happening.

this guy is obviously trolling, its a .01 increment update... did he obviously believe we would get good features out of that...

Fullmetalevolust2023d ago

well, what's laugheable is the assumption that stemmed from my questions, albeit, they were not elaborated. I was simply curious (believe it or not, trolling had nothing to do with it); wondering if someone on N4G knew whether it'd be possible to get ps2 games running on the psVita. I know Sony has not announced ps2 games running on Psvita, but is it possible? or are they going by ways of gaikai for backward compatibility and streaming?

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