First screenshots of Space Invaders on the Wii

The Wii is getting a new Space Invaders game: Space Invaders Get Even. This time you play as the invaders, so get ready to wreck those space ships!

The game will be released somewhere in 2008, there is no exact date known.

There are five shots from the game, hopefully more will follow soon.

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niall773906d ago

Now I want a Pac Man where I play as the ghosts

and Png where you play as the ball :/

Monteblanco3906d ago

I recall spending some coins in Space Invaders back in the late 70s - I guess - when it was the coolest machine in the arcade. Still, I hope they are planning to release it as a WiiWare game.

Azurite3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

Looks like the game has the potential to be great fun

ChickeyCantor3906d ago

>>meh what? atleast explain your meh.

looks interesting, i think its awesome they kept the units flat and oldschool.

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