God of War: Ascension Game Disc has 8 Playable Demos, Including Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

As if a full single player and multiplayer component weren’t enough for the God of War: Ascension game disc, you’ll also be given access to a bunch of playable demos.

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doctorstrange1835d ago

Makes sense to fill out the disc, surprised more games don't do it

TrendyGamers1835d ago

I wonder if The Last of Us will do the same?

Y_51501835d ago

I'll try the Starhawk demo but that's it, I already played all the other demos. But Last of Us demo seems sooo far away!

Mr-SellJack1834d ago

I'm glad cuz i don't have time to spend downloading them demos which are exclusives due to psn plus

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