God of War: Ascension Patch 1.01 Already Out, Fixes Issues in Single Player and Multiplayer

To make your time in God of War: Ascension as smooth as possible when you pick it up PlayStation 3 tomorrow, Sony Santa Monica has already released patch 1.01.

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doctorstrange1715d ago

I want 1.03 to revert the trophy back to hos, but spell it hoes

knifefight1715d ago

Yeah, I think it's stupid that they changed it.

nix1714d ago

i want one more update that corrects the sound issues. i just stopped playing because the sound is too low and it gets cut in between.. and it's not only me. the threads have already started. so angry! like kratos! /:

Utalkin2me1714d ago

Sorry, i haven't came across and sound issues yet. I have froze one time, that's the only issue i have had so far. I'm at the end of the game.

VINNIEPAZ1714d ago

"i want one more update that corrects the sound issues. i just stopped playing because the sound is too low and it gets cut in between"

Aggg! Glad its not just me! Yeah the sound will cut out sometimes for a split second here and there. The most annoying is some of the cut sceen sound effects are super low and it makes whats going on not so epic :( and I have a HD Receiver

Tontus1714d ago

People with sound problems, go into the sound settings of the game and make sure to set it according to what sound system you're using! The demo was set to 5.1 by default which is stupid because most people only use the TV's built in stereo speakers which makes it sound low and unclear.

I haven't got the game yet as it releases in the UK later but if its the same as the demo all you have to do is change the sound option to make it sound much better.

If you've tried it and are still having problems SSM developers have said they're looking into it, if there's a problem it'll be fixed as soon as possible.

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TrendyGamers1715d ago

I guess 1.02 is going to have the bros before hos change.

alexcosborn1715d ago

Nothing like buying a game and then downloading an update, AMIRITE?!

Wedge191715d ago

So the update was out before the game even launched. I'd be surprised if a game released without a day one patch. Sadly.

TrendyGamers1715d ago

This was a day zero patch.

typikal821714d ago

I thought The Last of Us demo would be included on the disc, what a bummer.

ceballos77mx1714d ago

It is you have to press the square button on the main menu, sadly its been delayed and you only get a timer.

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