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smashcrashbash2023d ago

Stupidest controversy EVER. It was a joke. Try taking the broomstick out and stop being so anal.

HammadTheBeast2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

Too bad Sessler and others had to blow it so out of proportion. Thing is, the trophy actually makes sense...

----------------------------- ------------------------

Kratos walks into a brothel where there would be "hoes" and finds the fury, who he proceeds to smash kick in the head. This also draws back to this other guy saving Kratos instead of his mother.

============================= =======================

RememberThe3572023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

Sessler just voiced his opinion and there nothing wrong with that. It was everyone's reaction to his opinion that made it a controversy. We all know there have been way worse trophy titles than this one. Bay far. Yet this is the one that gets changed?

I'm completely against misogyny but I also can't stand overly sensitive people. Things done in jest don't always have the same meaning as they do in all seriousness. Sony Santa Monica has talented women that bust their ass for them, there's no way they're misogynistic.

"Bros before hoes," "M.O.B.," the list goes on. They're all, at their root, statements about bucking our lust - putting our loved ones and our livelihood ahead of our desires. And when said in jest, as more of a pop culture reference, how could so many people take themselves so seriously that they would pressure Sony so hard to change a simple trophy?

People need to get over themselves, all this instant controversy is only self-serving.

Tony-Red-Grave2023d ago

watch them give everyone the ol' trolloroo and change "bros before hos" to "Homies over Hoes" xD best way to give the middle finger to people sensitive to something so small.

I'm sure someones probably said this already but.... If bros before hos is the one thing that offends you in God of War you need to get checked out.

PeaSFor2023d ago

They should rename the trophy: "Adam Sarkeesian"

MysticStrummer2023d ago

"They should rename the trophy: "Adam Sarkeesian""

Madam Sessler could run the brothel.

2023d ago
Hydrolex2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

It was a joke, we should appreciate Sony's sense of humor... but then we have those idiots that just have to complain about everything like little b*****s

morganfell2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

There is everything wrong with voicing your opinion when it affects an industry to the point people such as Sessler and his big mouth have adjusted the outcome of this incident.

He shows all the signs of an insignificant nobody struggling to be relevant. Controvery is the last defense of the untalented hack.

You do not get to yell fire in a crowded theater.

As I said, this is another worthless game journalist who can only talk about what "they" want, what "they" think is right rather than examining the larger picture. Everyone of these jackasses should be pushed into a pit and set on fire. Enough of the damn I, I, I crap from these clowns.

Let the developers push media and interviews directly to the fans and host chats on Google Plus with the people that matter - the demographic that buys the damn games. This incident makes me want to play the game completely unplugged just to get that trophy before it is patched.

People like Sessler do not care about the industry or else they would care to preserve the freedom of developers and gamers. Instead it is about what they think is right and then their dancing like a twisted imp when they get their way. The game industry is always worse off when influenced by people that have nothing to do with it.

subtenko2023d ago

I'm going to make controversy over any little sexism I can find out of any game because of this. Thanks to Adam Sessler, and everyone else who got into a hissy fit over this trophy name.

You want controversy...I'll give it to you...who's with me? Come on N4G lets show all these people how stupid they are reacting to this by 'out-stupifying them' so they can realize the error of their ways. If we do nothing they are just gonna keep doing this crap :P

RumbleFish2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

OMG! End this political correctnes thing for once and for all. Dont't we have our brains to decide wether something is an insult or humor?

Watch some Andrew Dice Clay on Youtube!

Christopher2023d ago

***People like Sessler do not care about the industry or else they would care to preserve the freedom of developers and gamers.***

That makes no sense. The developers have all the freedom they are entitled to. But, just like a journalist who writes an op-ed, everyone with a voice is allowed to voice their opinion of said op-ed.

Sessler is about promoting game developers, but that doesn't mean he's about blindly ignoring things that he believes go too far.

With your logic, gaming journalists shouldn't have said anything about the issues with Gearbox. I mean, they were free to express themselves through a crappy game and lies, weren't they?

rainslacker2023d ago

I really wanted to agree with you Morgan, but I think you went a little off base putting all this blame on Sessler, or any other media type to a lesser extent. He didn't spend a lot of time on this topic, but it was us, the community that made it into a big deal. We discussed the merits of the complaint, discussed if if was misogynistic, and discussed whether it was indicative of a larger problem within the game industry. Whatever you opinion on that, what it boils down to is that we made it into a big deal with forum comments, opinion pieces, and blog posts about the issue, some of it with intelligent thought, most of it with stupid ranting that made no sense.

People who professionally write or review in the industry ,for the most part, do want it to be better. Sessler was never someone I considered to be in it for himself. While I don't always agree with him, it is plainly obvious that he cares about games. His occasional discord over certain systems makes him wanting at times, but quite often the things he speaks out against are the same things we speak out against. Now if Sessler goes on some tirade about how he's awesome because he effected change then, yeah I could maybe agree with you.

There have been a few times this past year where there has been some controversy over something about a game...ME3 ending, GOW trophies, etc, and it is nice to know that the industry at least is being held accountable in some way towards it's user base. Most of these issues aren't what I think are really important and I would prefer the efforts on ours and the media's part be spent on more worthwhile issues, but at least we know that our voices can be heard if they become loud enough.

FamilyGuy2022d ago

Wow, the trophy was related to the guy saving Kratos from the Furies AFTER the fight with one of the Furies.
Sessler made it seem like it popped up just as you stomped on her face or something.

Ridiculous to have to change it or be upset by it. This is sad, what happened to freedom of speech? True GOW fans will have no problem with this.

Peppino72022d ago

Its so ridiculous that they're caving in to this backlash.

Omni-Tool2022d ago


I think they are fixing a spelling error.

"Bros Before Hoes"

They left the "e" out by accident.

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SilentNegotiator2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

Sony delayed LBP over a song with two lines of Quran scripture...I can't say I'm shocked that they changed a trophy name because some idiots still smelling their own farts, because they played as Lara Croft without short-shorts, were ready to call out the next stupid little "sexist" thing.

It's truly disappointing what you give in to sometimes, Sony.

lodossrage2023d ago

We live in a world (especially in the U.S.) where people will slap a lawsuit on you for the stupidest of things.

It's not about "giving in", it's about protecting themselves. I mean for god sake, People sued Mcdonald's for "making them fat" and they got a settlement. A woman sued Mcdonald's for coffee burning her between her legs and her crotch. Nevermind the fact that she KNEW the coffee was hot and still willingly drove with it between her legs.

So yeah, with the way the Media blew the trophy situation to giant proportions, I can see why they'd change it.

Ducky2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

^ The U.S. is also one of the strongest backers of free speech, and lawsuits over negligence are completely irrelevant to video games which have a clear age rating.

So while it's always fun and all to bash the U.S. at any opportunity, this isn't one of those cases.

lodossrage2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

There is no bashing here. It's a fact.

And while yeah the U.S. is a beacon for free speech. That very same free speech is also abused. Which is exactly my point as to why people have gotten away with ridiculous lawsuits that they themselves are to blame for.

Back on topic, because of people like Sessler making something miniscule into something major, feminist groups would have probably sued Sony by the boatloads had Sony not opted to change the name of the trophy in question.

Do I like that? Hell no. But they have to protect themselves from those that will use that very same free speech for the sake of making a quick buck.

Edit- The age rating means nothing. Society pays no attention to it. Why do you think congress is constantly trying to push all sorts of anti video game movements and always placing blame on them?

SilentNegotiator2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

To be fair, the McD's lawsuit was largely based on the fact that they failed to display/provide nutritional facts. An FDA no-no. They could have enacted the "cheeseburger bill", but that would have constricted people with REAL issues with how food establishments handled things.

And this is a matter of freedom of speech, not physical harm. Maybe some anti-defamation group would sue them, so sure, I can't BLAME them; but I would be proud to see someone like Sony stand up to the stupidity instead of bending.

Regardless, I'm disappointed.

lodossrage2023d ago

Sony standing up to this would more than likely cost them a lot of money in the end.

I agree with you guys and I'm not fond of the fact that they're changing the trophy (nor was I fond of them removing the song for LBP).

But the fact of the matter is someone(s) would have used that same free speech you're talking about to press a lawsuit on them.

Ducky2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

"The age rating means nothing. Society pays no attention to it."

It means something because the only way a lawsuit would fly is if the game was marketed to kids. It isn't.
You can't sue anyone for using a mean word, it goes straight against freedom of speech.

Kratos has done worse acts towards women in the past games, and some of the older trophies are arguably worse than the 'bros' one.
If anyone wanted to sue Sony/SM, GoW3 is a pretty easy target. That's why it is unlikely that the change is to protect themselves from any legal action. Rather, it's just a way to subdue the unwanted media attention.

"But the fact of the matter is someone(s) would have used that same free speech you're talking about to press a lawsuit on them."

That's not how free speech works.

ShiftyLookingCow2023d ago

If not for free speech, God of War wouldn't even have a trophy like this(look at that silly EU porn ban proposal). If something like this goes to court, Sony would win by default.

Its just that Sony doesn't want any damage to its brand(esp. against crazy fems and white knights).

joab7772023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

Its only gonna get worse and worse because we live in a reletavistic society in which everyones morals are different and everyone is offended by something. PC is out of control.

Yes, lawsuits are a fear but it isnt that. Its marketing campaigns that groups use to great effect. They lie and spin arguments and it ends up costing companies millions. Its easier just to get out in front of it and stop the bleeding before it gets really bad. i dont like it but it is what it is.

And the free speech in the US is a mere shadow of itself today...more an ideal than a reality. Everything is ruled by the minority, not the majority anymore. 95% could have no problem with this at all and support sony with their money. But 5% can make alot of noise, enough to do more harm than the 95% cam do good. Its really sad.

BrianC62342023d ago

At least it's just the name of a trophy. No big deal. It's not like they're taking a scene out of the game. It is dumb but I don't blame Sony for wanting it to go away.

TheoreticalParticle2022d ago


"A woman sued Mcdonald's for coffee burning her between her legs and her crotch. Nevermind the fact that she KNEW the coffee was hot and still willingly drove with it between her legs."

No, that is NOT why she sued McDonald's. Normally, you spill hot coffee in your lap, and you get wet pants. The McDonald's coffee gave her 3rd degree burns on her groin.

"The sweatpants Liebeck was wearing absorbed the coffee and held it next to her skin. A vascular surgeon determined that Liebeck suffered full thickness burns (or third-degree burns) over 6 percent of her body, including her inner thighs, perineum, buttocks, and genital and groin areas. She was hospitalized for eight days, during which time she underwent skin grafting."

The reason this happened is because McDonald's kept its coffee at 185-190 degrees, or 45-50 degrees hotter than the coffee you make at home. Liquid at 180 degrees will cause a 3rd degree burn in 2-7 seconds. Coffee at a normal temperature, like 155 degrees gives the spiller time to cool off the liquid before it'd burn their entire crotch and ass.

On top of that, the jury found her to be partially at fault for being an idiot and spilling the coffee on herself, but since there wouldn't have been any damage if McDonald's didn't keep their coffee at near boiling temperatures, like idiots.

kupomogli2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )


Don't forget the Winnebago lawsuit where she hit cruise control on the motorhome and then went into the back to make a sandwich. This is the most stupid lawsuit I've heard of winning. The judges that award this kind of stuff either had to be paid off or they must be as stupid as the plaintiff.

I agree with you it's ridiculous what people sue for and win, so people can be sure that every company is going to go out of their way to cover their asses.

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showtimefolks2023d ago

i hope you are happy adam sessler, it was meant as a joke but i guess you don't have a sense of humor

gaming media these days will complain about everything

GenericNameHere2023d ago

I'm not sure if this counts as a spoiler, but in GOW3, I remember Kratos killing a woman in some disgusting way... Adam gave the game a 5/5 on XPlay... So, why didn't he mark the game down before for having a male character kill a female character, just like he marked down Ascensions for having this stupid trophy with a stupid name?? :/

Christopher2023d ago

@GenericNameHere: He didn't mark the game down for that one item, first of all. It was just startling.

Also, it wasn't the act of doing it, it was the act of giving a trophy. The trophy showed a sign of the mentality of the developers and how they thought of the slaying, not that Kratos was just killing a lot of people, men and women. If they had a different trophy name all together, such as the "Bros before Foes" they are going to have now, it wouldn't have been an issue.

I have to admit, if I saw that, my eyebrow would have gone up pretty quickly. I wouldn't have called it misogyny, because it's not, but I would question the arguments I've heard of a overly male dominated environment and how that translates into the games we play.

Veneno2023d ago ShowReplies(3)
Outsider-G2023d ago

Stupid indeed. A female producer came up with the trophy name.

Philoctetes2023d ago

Completely lame. Should have just left the trophy as-is.

IAmLee2022d ago

I don't get this, it's not aimed at them perticular, it's just a trophy :')
if the person playing has tits, that's a bonus I suppose.

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ASTAROTH2023d ago

Nice one Sony. Now lets see if all the reviewers complaining change their score for the game now. . . nope thAts not going to happen. Next time what? a hairy Kratos? The gaming media just sucks.

InTheLab2023d ago

He asks Killzone fans if they f$$$ their mothers on his soapbox but bros before hoes is out of bounds?

Yodagamer2023d ago

I think the one thing i give props to him is that it didn't effect his review score to the point where it was a negative one, it was around the same score the other sites have been giving it. I think that took some maturity to not blast it just for that.

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snowman21492023d ago

instead of changing the name of the trophy why not patch the game so 'The Trial of Archimedes' section isn't such a pain in the ass??

ItsMeAgain2023d ago

Patch it because a section is challenging? WTF?

Y_51502023d ago

AS long as it's not hard as in the button mahing to finish off the first boss in the first god of war, I used Rockband drums to tap to kill that serpent. :P

snowman21492023d ago

If you guys had actually played it, you would understand how painfully difficult it really is
Disagrees are understandable since you guys havent played the game

Silly gameAr2023d ago


That sounds like a challenge I'm willing to take on.

Y_51502023d ago

It better have a better joke! Because I like the trophy.

DragonKnight2023d ago

Son of a *****. I can't believe Sony bowed to idiots. I wonder if they explained to the girl who named the trophy that men thought that women would hate this and so they had to change the name of the trophy. Unbelievable. Just once I want someone to stand up to these white knight losers and the feminazis that give men and women a bad name respectively.

I've lost all respect for Adam Sessler. It's bad enough that he lowered the score of the game because of the name of this trophy, but he sparked the sh*tstorm that followed and pushed Sony to do this. Absolutely ridiculous.

admiralvic2023d ago

While I would say it was best to avoid controversy, fixing it implies they were wrong to do it and only supports crap like this.

DragonKnight2023d ago

Agreed. And seriously, SSM's freedom of expression was violated by this. It's insane.

etebitan2023d ago

couldn't have said it better admiralvic... im currently unsubscribing to everything sessler related (fb, youtube, etc)... such a joke that guy..

punisher992023d ago

"Feminism is definitely training, but to call it "proper home training" is completely incorrect. There is a difference between having respect for women, and making society bend backwards for them."

So how is calling women "hos" respecting them??? Honestly I dont see how could anyone in their right mind argue against this. Unless you were raised by a bunch of ignorant people. What if there was a trophy referring to all african-americans by the n word? You would be fine with that?? Or Chineese people by the c word? Would all of this be fine with you? Then where does it stop? My point is its ignorant to refer to all women as "hos" like that term, "bros before hos" is doing.

admiralvic2023d ago

From what I understand the scene takes place in a brothel.

Brothel means...

A house where men can visit prostitutes.

"Ho's" or "Hoes" (as the trophy is spelled) is slag for a prostitute... so where exactly is the problem? The woman is a prostitute and in turn gets called one and thats a problem now? Okay... that makes sense.

rainslacker2023d ago


That's why I thought this trophy name was not out of place. I didn't see it as anti-woman, just pun of a current colloquialism.

I haven't played the game yet(picking it up today), but I assume this whole scenario may have had something to do with Krotos' brother as well. I don't recall that being mentioned what the bros referred to, but usually trophy names from good studios have several layers of meaning.

If that is the case it means that everyone complaining jumped on the "white knight" bandwagon, and didn't bother really investigating further to put the whole thing into context. If not, then the trophy name is a bit shallow, but not completely out of place.

cleft52023d ago

Never had any respect for Adam Sessler to begin with. There was a lot of shit on Xplay and he was part of it. Now all of a sudden he is back in power and using that to push people around. I don't need a goddamn moral conscious when I play a God of War game. I hate these White Knight losers so much.

Christopher2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

You belittle your own argument by calling people idiots, losers, and feminazis purely for having a different opinion than your own.

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