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"So lets get this straight - Patapon is the best game of 2008 so far, it costs nothing to try, next-to-nothing to purchase and its as fun and addicting as any game in my recent memory. Yeah. Patapon is all that and more than deserving of the first perfect score I've ever given in a game review." -- By Jason Nimer

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Rikitatsu3237d ago

With innovation and Perfection !

ktchong3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

Video interview of the developer:

Kulupoo3237d ago

ummm i got the manual right here.... lets see under credit
Game design Hiroyuki Kotani
lead programmer Hayato Ikeda
all the programmer and music is done by japanese...
most of the game is done in japan... Santa Monica studio do testing and stuff...

Luca Blight3237d ago

so far, Patapon is the GotY - of course that may not last for long with smash brothers, killzone 2, persona fes, gears of war 2, mgs4, crisis core, etc. but still.

Jeanne3237d ago

This is a wonderful game and a must buy for 20 bucks for anyone with a PSP.

The only caveat I can think of is if you will be playing in a public place you really need to either play with headphones or background noise will drown out the music/rhythm.

Skerj3237d ago

I've never played it without earphones on, the music is too awesome and you can't hear some of the nuances in it due to the PSP having crappy speakers even though the slim's are better.

Skerj3237d ago

Seriously, if you own a PSP you owe it to yourself to pick up this game. It's a total steal at $20.

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