Prez Bid Kaput, Huckabee Consoles with Rock Band & Lasagna

After bowing out of the Republican presidential race, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee retired to Little Rock where he accepted condolences from President Bush and decompressed by playing Rock Band.

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BigKev453939d ago

McCain dropped the bomb on him.

EDF 20173939d ago

But I voted for Hillary!

decapitator3939d ago

As a democrat, I gotta be honest. If Obama wasn't running, I'd vote for Huckabee if he was still in the race. I like his confidence and he is a funny dude.

iamtehpwn3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

As am I, decapitator.
I'm a huge Liberal,
but I could NEVER will myself to Vote for Hillary.
Though..only being 17...doesn't matter anyway :D

Obama 08.

RecSpec3939d ago

Republican, was pulling for Romney, dropped out, pulling for Huckabee, dropped out (not that he had a chance but still), so I guess I'll be voting for Obama, unless Hillary makes it in, then I guess it's Nader all the way!

If that happens, I give up on the system.

socomnick3939d ago

hope Huckabee becomes MCcains running m8. Im voting Mccain 08.

tony3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

that Hillary wants to control the content in videogames. she will never get my vote.

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Yi-Long3939d ago

... I certainly would have preferred him in the White House, instead of that puppet of a McCain, who will just continue the current mess of Bush for another 4 years. He'll just be used by his administration.

But I prefer Obama in the White House. He seems very smart, decent, and very much someone who wants to solve the problems of real people, without resorting to violence and threats etc.

Hillary, I dislike.
I dont like how she's always blaming games instead of the actual people that misbehave, and the parenting they received.

Also, I feel the Clintons have really lowered themselfs in this campagne, which has been a smearcampagne against Obama instead of a campagne about herself. Aparently, she needs to bring the other person down, instead of rising to that level and topping it.
I dont like that, and such a person would never get my vote.

Obama3939d ago

I have high respect towards Huckabee, but he should really see what a real rockstar is like.

Skater3939d ago

Link doesn't work :( I wanted to see this.

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