Edge: Jonathan Blow Talks PlayStation 4

Jonathan Blow talks to EDGE about the power of the PlayStation 4, and how sharing will change the console experience.

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Cueil1986d ago

Did Jonathan Blow have to move the mounds of money out of the way to talk about how bad an experience it was working with Microsoft?

Typical-Guy1986d ago

He didn't bring it up and he didn't complain, why should you?

On the topic, I'm really curious to see what developers can do with all the power of the PS4!

NewMonday1986d ago

many independent developers have had the same bad experience

1nsaint1986d ago

You and me both! Next gen is gonna be awesome, cant wait till playing games in native 1080p.

Also really looking forward to what developers will do with open world games.
Especially fallout and elderscrolls. And ofc GTA

I remember dan houser (founder of rockstar games) said in an interview, that when the console power is there, they want to make a GTA game that includes: liberty city, vice city and san andreas in one game! simply taking a plane and fly to there. :D

ooquis1986d ago

Independent developer are usually low budget games.So even if they complained it wouldn't bother me.

Septic1986d ago

His assessment on the next Xbox was based on rumours as opposed to first hand experience. So there is hope for the nextbox yet.

Cueil1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

don't get your panties tangled in a wad... it was only a joke... he comes off as someone who doesn't fully grasp reality... he's got just enough hold on it to be lucid, but watching the Indie Game The Movie really gave insight on how out of touch he is with gamers in general. It's not a bad thing... it fuels his creative side, but he got upset (seriously from the comments on threads) over people just enjoying his game for the gameplay over the meaning behind it.

I don't dislike the guy or his games or even the fact that he got upset. I've been looking forward to this game since it was first teased a while ago and I'll most likely pick it up on the PC. I wish him nothing but the best.

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Evil-snuggles1985d ago

valve said the same thing about Microscam the hold developers hostage when it come to online access the were able to use steam to update and optimize portal 2 on PS3 but could not on Xbox 360 because of Microsoft has a stranglehold on Xbox Live

isarai1986d ago

I'm glad someone isn't afraid to say how the experience really is behind the scenes

Veneno1986d ago

He's indie, so he' s not at the mercy of any corporate tyranny. He can say anything he wants.

isarai1986d ago

Even most indie devs do not talk out as much as him at the risk of burning their bridges, the dude has balls for sure.

Bathyj1986d ago

Hes certainly very frank.

RememberThe3571986d ago

What a great interview. This guy is on his p's and q's.

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