10° Spark's Craig Allen goes Legendary - Interview - CEO talks mythologically

Luke Guttridge of writes: Huddling on a sofa, at a screening room in London's West End,I'm interviewing Craig Allen, CEO of Spark Unlimited, who has just given us a demonstration of mythically-inspired FPS Legendary in action (a preview of which has now been published).

Q:Is the PS3 as challenging as some developers have hinted?

A: Well the PS3 is certainly challenging, I don't think anyone is going to argue with that, as most new game systems are. The real challenge, whichever format, is moving from one system to the other. Its like the standard gauge versus the metric gauge. Its a car... the wrenches don't work on the nuts and bolts of one car as they do on another. So it makes it more challenging. So, we've stayed close to what can be 'cross-platform' at a core level. And a lot of the work is optimising textures so we can have the visual expression.

Q: Will they be added as downloadable content perhaps?

A: We haven't really talked about post-launch. It makes sense to assume we want to support the game after this launch, certainly.

Q: Via the PSN and Xbox Live?

A: Absolutely.

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Joey Gladstone3936d ago

I am a HUGE and I mean HUGE fan of anything having to do with Mythology, be it Greek or Roman.....from playing Herc's Adventure to God of War, but based from the low temperature of Legendary: The box's previous stories.....and relatively un-enthused gamers attitudes towards this title, I can see it Failing Greatly...
..... "The JOEY has Spoken"