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Submitted by ktchong 2893d ago | review

Super Smash Bros. Brawl - GameTap Review

It's a game that keeps on giving. The game supports online matchups via the Wi-Fi Connection, of course, but even when you're not focused on the primary game modes, you can spend hours just playing with extra features or hunting down a ton of unlockables. Hidden characters, stages, stickers, trophies, music, demos of classic games - they're all in there somewhere.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl is a Wii game you can play forever... or at least, until the next Nintendo console arrives.

Pros: Enough action to last the lifetime of the Wii; a multitude of game modes; packed with unlockables and surprises.

Cons: Beat-em-up gameplay relatively unchanged; making precise jumps in adventure mode can be dicey; Subspace Emissary story line is loose. (Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Wii) 9/10

l Drop Dead Ed l  +   2893d ago
UH OH! Now I'm gonna get mad! WHAT A 9! haha!
DeckUKold  +   2893d ago
>.< 9/10 >.<
WTF after all those 10/10's they gave Brawl gets a 9.

Mario Galaxy 10-yea its hot
Ratchet and Clank 10-yea its hot Halo 3 10 yea its hot But SUPER SMASH BROS BRAWL get a 9!!!!!!!!! HELL NO.
l Drop Dead Ed l  +   2893d ago
I was only playing...but come to think about it reviewers say so many good things about a game and dock points for silly things. It does earn a higher score, however it just goes to show that reviewers love to write however fail to match their words with the score.
desolationstorm  +   2893d ago
I saw this earlier today and was wondering when it would pop up. I havent played the game yet, but reading everyones reviews just seems odd how the game gets a 9. Most everyone says its wierd how so much effort went into the game and nitpick about certain games. Yeah it should have voice chat but this is nintendo so what do you expect? Just seems like nitpicking and its obivious that every game has flaws but it jsut seems to be random when to take off points for minor flaws and when to get caught up in the hype and give it a 10.
jinn  +   2893d ago
nothing really new to worry about except for the new characters everything else is just old and repetitive

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