New Gran Turismo 5: Prologue screenshots

Another batch of new Gran Turismo 5. Prologue screenshots was released. Enjoy.

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Bolts3938d ago

WTF!!? Is that CGI? No way thats an in game screenshot.

Animal Mutha 763938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

Great pic but I love the wrap around background photo type thing - look at the trees on the edge - but hey I'll buy that for a dollar!

wAtdaFck3938d ago

Then take it as if it were shot in a real studio, with a real car :P

techie3938d ago

Looks like that on my screen...kind of a photo mode rendered in real time. That environment is the least impressive though IMO.

Violater3938d ago

That is actually called an HDRI Sphrecial Environment Image.
Hence why it curves.

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tweaker3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

Damn you Polyphony Digital. Your cheating. Stop using graphics from the future. Its not fair for the competition.


wAtdaFck3938d ago

The Human Models are like 'meh,' but the Car Models are like, *hyperventilates* "OMG, WTF! This is supposed to be a VIDEO GAME!!"

Those are just a step down from reality...I swear.

tweaker3938d ago

with the helmet, they can look pretty good too.

PROGnosis3938d ago

WOWZA! Polyphony never seizes to amaze me....these screens are sick!

Frances-the-Mute3938d ago

wow! u weren't kidding..especially the one from inside the car

mighty_douche3938d ago

Gorgeous as ever!

Also, for any UK members here, play are selling prologue on blu-ray for £18 delievered!!

Animal Mutha 763938d ago

Good call Douche.

18 quid is a reasonable price I think (about $10-11)

resistance1003938d ago

' 18 quid is a reasonable price I think (about $10-11)'

If your on about US dollor's £18 = about $36

mighty_douche3938d ago

Resistance is correct (as usual), that equates to around $35, but everything in the UK is more expensive (prologue RRP £25 = $50) so im sure if you US guys look around you'll find it for about $30.

Personally im gonna pay a little more for the Blu-Ray version, 1, because it save a little HDD space, 2, makes my game collection look bigger : )

achira3938d ago

wow, looks awesome. especially the last one.

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