Halo 3: The Future of Forge - Facts, Figures and Grifball

Halo 3's hype may have died down many months on from its release last year, but that doesn't mean that developer Bungie is resting on its laurels. Rather, in IGN's exclusive chat with the developer, Community Manager Brian Jarrard reinforces exactly how much time and effort is still being spent on refining Forge and the Halo 3 Community features. Read on for some surprising stats taken from their data collection and much more!

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Blademask3341d ago

Its good to see DEVS keeping the HALO 3 community happy with new content.

slak3341d ago

This is good for us halo players !thx bungie!

princejb1343341d ago

yea 2 bad halo died out
cod4 pwnd it

mighty_douche3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

; )

edit: Bah, why cant i upload pic's?! <-- click with a sense of humor.

GOTPWNED3341d ago

COD4 str8 PWN
Unreal Tournament str8 PWN
Army of Two str8 PWN
Resistance 2 and Resistance 1 str8 PWN
Killzone 2 str8 PWN

Xtards get PWNED every day by playin gaylo 3 cause they're too stupid to realize how whack it is. Keep playin XBOX 3rd60 while I Play real games on PS3 which PWN anything u ever play

iceice1233341d ago

Next time put some effort into it.

GOTPWNED3341d ago

Tell Microsoft to put some effort in designing a console.


ambientFLIER3340d ago

Lol, I guess you are playing resistance 2 and Killzone 2 way ahead of everyone else, right? Are they any good, or will killzone suck as much as the first did?

Also, COD4 is also on the Xbox, and some people still choose to play Halo because they like it more. It's not like there's a shortage of shooters to play if you don't like halo.

Oh, and Unreal sucks. And so do you, troll.

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