Internet Explorer 8 Has Arrived

Microsoft's next-generation web browser, Internet Explorer 8, has arrived. In a surprising move, after the demo of IE8 and its new features at today's session of the MIX08 conference, the startling announcement was made: "It's available for download now". The new browser showcases many new features and improvements, like Facebook and eBay integration, standards compliance, and the ability to work with AJAX web pages. What's most notable about IE8, though, is more than a sum of its parts. If anything, this launch shows that Microsoft is not taking Firefox's creep into browser market share lightly.

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Bubble Buddy3243d ago

Indeed, Firefox 4ever babyyyy

Jrome3243d ago

Its Firefox 3EVER!!! >=)

Bubble Buddy3243d ago

lmfaoo fineee firefox 3ever. :D

incogneato3243d ago

Wow you fanboys are delusional. Having used both I can safely say that IE8 is vastly superior.

Acid standardization, less resource usage, plugins, more attractive/minimal, tons of new features many that Firefox plugins do not have, tons of integration, and much more yet to be announced.

Looks like Firefox is done with. Good riddance, that poorly coded piece of crap bloatware only gained any ground because of plugins and noobs trying to "fight evil micro$oft!!!"

MADGameR3243d ago


jaja14343243d ago

Umm pop ups are not indicative of the browser but rather the sites you visit.

LJWooly3243d ago

Incogneato, in everything you listed, Firefox owns IE, ESPECIALLY in the plugin area. ABP ftw!!

Firefox gained ground because the open-source community were not satisfied with the browsers available at the time, and we, the consumer, ended up with an awesome browser.

Actually, your post sounds like you were being sarcastic, so were you joking or what?

Pain3242d ago

I'm Happy with Safari thanks.

Orange3242d ago

^^^^ another reason why i hate MS tactics...try accessing an MS site with Safari (MSNBC, hotmail...) they totally [email protected] block Safari. shady tactics, MS...

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Hydrollex3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

ummm It's a betta and I don't see anything special.

EDIT: I feel it's a little bit faster than IE 7

actionjackson3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

It appears a bit faster at first, but I've already had it freeze my computer a few times. Also, some web pages look extremely skewed. Try the Yahoo bar is moved to the right and the page and the backgrounds are off. It also does this on other portals and news sites like AOL, CNN, etc.

Although some of the features seem nice, I had to uninstall due to the freezes.

Sovannah Phum3243d ago

yeah internet explorer blows, due to crashing issues....much like their console......I kid I kid.

M337ING3243d ago

I see no difference besides some added toolbars

xplosneer3243d ago

that was fast....IE7....bye.

Hydrollex3243d ago

It sucks ! Waste of time

Another by Microsoft

xplosneer3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

There's webslices, more refined interface(no long lengthy tab page, now it just says in bold "you've opened a new tab), webslices for sites like ebay and MSN and email, and heck, there's even an "emulate IE7" button.

actionjackson3243d ago

It's too unstable. I had to uninstall due to freezing up. If your having better luck, more power to you. I guess I'll just wait until the beta is over.

xplosneer3243d ago

Guess I am. It's a little weird editing comments here, sometimes the cursor is off, but I restarted IE and now it works fine. No crashes. :P