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GamePro Review: There's No Doubt About It: Brawl Is A Smash Hit

It's finally here. After an endless wait and one soul crushing delay, Super Smash Bros. Brawl is finally here and it is everything you wanted it to be and more!

Super Smash Bros. Brawl is simply amazing. The list of things it does right is downright mindblowing: an eclectic roster of fighters; a finely tuned fighting engine; a seemingly endless array of unlockable content; an undeniable sense of charm; and eye-pleasing visuals are just some of the things that Brawl gets right. (Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Wii) 5/5

name  +   2738d ago
Damn it nintendo. :( It's getting really hard to hate on them all the time.
superman  +   2738d ago
Nintendo makes quality games. They deserve good sales.
KnowitAll  +   2738d ago
Probably the most balanced game
Story Mode (Multiplayer online)
Stage Creator
Massives tournaments

Can people look at this
Play the game, Play online, play with friends
Then with a straight face actually say this game is not good?
Infolite8907  +   2737d ago
i look bk at all the smash bros games that came out and i like to say each time nintendo has improved with this game. much much hype for Brawl you can't really say anything bad about this game really. I think it mite b better than any other fighting game on any system (I think) lol some one agree with me if you also think that is so.
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wiizy  +   2738d ago
now thats a score i agree with.. the game is fantastic... cant wait to read about the sales
davez82  +   2738d ago
"i don't get it"

sorry am i the only one here that thinks this?
l Drop Dead Ed l  +   2738d ago
unfortunately for you....yes... I'm really sorry you feel that way, but I'm sure if you give it a shot you might find a place for it in your heart...unless you're too ignorant...
kornbeaner  +   2738d ago
This series is Nintendos "Crack" title. Cause no matter how much people play this game, we always need another hit.
Marceles  +   2738d ago
yeah dude...you seriously don't know what you're missing
Alcaponeyou  +   2738d ago
i like
the word play in the title
jcgamer  +   2738d ago
"Brawl Is A SMASH Hit"
no doubt about it...millions of copies sold...Wii owners, game on...

"Highway to the...Gamer Zone!" -Kenny Loggins (Top Gun Soundtrack)

TwissT  +   2738d ago
I just realized how a big of a pun the title of this article is.
sumfood4u  +   2737d ago
People who dissagree with the score just do that for despite!
BrotherNick  +   2737d ago
Now the hardcore will buy a wii, hopefully other exclusive wii titles as well, maybe some zack and wiki or no more heroes.
Infolite8907  +   2737d ago
Greatest Game Ever
I just got done watching a vid of ssbb the pain and amazement of how much time we have(well the u.s.) til brawl comes out is trueley remarkable i remember wen i still had dial up and hey was advertising the vid on ign me and my cuzins waited to see wha smash had in store for us and we waz TRULY AMAZED. there is no doubt that this is the greatest game ever.

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