Army of Two - Launch Trailer

Never go into battle alone.

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mighty_douche3855d ago

Sorry to be crude, but I'm predicting "Army of Poo". But who knows?

Drekken3855d ago

I dunno douche, I think they might have a half decent game here. Here's to being optimistic!

mighty_douche3855d ago

No that's fair, everyone like's different stuff!

Drekken3855d ago

I want a good coop game for me and my roomie... This BETTER be it since Haze is forever delayed!

Hatchetforce3854d ago

No, I bought it and it is going back tomorrow. Worst game I have played in a year and I buy a lot of titles. Buggy as can be. Your buddy constantly dragging you into a wall when you are hit and he won't release or heal you and just keeps walking with you until you get tired and restart the game from a checkpoint.

Or else you get hit and go down behind cover and he drags you around cover and out into the open. Enemies can take 10 rounds in the body and not go down. Scripted, scripted, scripted, scripted. Every minute there is some scripted cutscene in engine of an action the player should have been allowed to do. Super linear maps, zero, and I mean zero replay value. The game isn't Army of poo it is more like Legion of poo.

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solar3855d ago

wow, that was a really freakin sweet trailer. im still on the fence about buying it for sure. cash is tight...

SeanScythe3855d ago

Happy B-day me I have Giftcards!!!!

skynidas3855d ago

That was a really sweet trailer

Bazookajoe_833855d ago

I hope it´s worth it, but ive been longing for a good coop game..

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