What Really Matters in a 1st-Person Shooter?

Do action movies need deep characters? Do horror films need a complex plot? Videogames while on a different spectrum of the entertainment medium should be looked at in the same way. Which genres value graphics more than others, and is that a large part of what fills out what we perceive the game to be? What about controls, presentation, sound, and game length?

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fenderputty3343d ago

An interesting weapon assortment. Good graphics (I'm a whore). Intelligent AI. Solid Multiplayer. I think those are core. A good story line helps as well. It intensifies the game and makes the experience more enjoyable. Still ... I might even go so far as to say that, a good multiplayer is the most important aspect to me. I haven't been able to put COD4 down beacuse of it.

Skerj3343d ago

Weapons, Atmosphere, AI, Storyline, and Level Design.

ChickeyCantor3343d ago

"Story line"
its like
the end.
Epic fanwars about sequel...

FPS and story line XD LOL!

Skerj3342d ago

You should check out System Shock II, Deus Ex (GREATEST!!), and STALKER then.

blynx1823343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Although the only FPS's I've played are Golden Eye 007 & Metroid Prime Hunters, I'd say the stuff that matters the most are Controls, Story, Graphics, Weapons, and multiplayer.

Shankle3343d ago

Woah. Where have you been for the last decade?!

Jamegohanssj53343d ago

It should be realistic all the way around. No bullcrap.

The Genius has spoken.

TheKungFool3343d ago

I probably fit into the minority on this one, but I actually value story and atmosphere even in FPSers, which is why I'll always prefer titles like "HalfLife", "Deus Ex", "BioShock" and "Chronicles of Riddick" to generic borefests like "Halo".

Also, not having Achievement points available is a definite plus to FPSers, especially when it comes to online; there's nothing worse than having some git running around not playing maps/battles properly because they're trying to get some lame achievement to brag about to thier fellow lamewad gamerscore collectors.

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The story is too old to be commented.