Rockstar confirms that 'superior' GTA IV 360 rllmuk poster is fake

Rockstar has confirmed to videogaming247 that the originator of this story claiming the 360 version of GTA IV is "superior" to the PS3 outing is not Rockstar North's Neil Corbett.

"Regarding the [story]," said a Rockstar spokesperson. "I can confirm that this is not Neil Corbett from Rockstar North that has been posting on rllmuk."

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sonarus3939d ago

why? what did this fool think he was gaining. This is why forum posts should be taken with a grain of salt.

Violater3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

So now you know. As Big Phil says, “You shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet.”

From a stupid forum post, so many people are willing to believe that there are issues with the PS3 version, yet when 1up and IGN give their previews and say there were no issues people are unwilling to believe

Silellak3939d ago

People do a lot of crazy things for attention.

On the other hand, I posted information about the first Mass Effect review in Game Informer on GameFAQs before anyone else, just because I figured the fans would like to know. I couldn't post the scans I had, because I didn't want to get my source in trouble and it wasn't allowed anyway.

The forum EXPLODED, and I later discovered posts all over the intrawebnets referring back to this thread, and a good 50% of the people called me a liar who was just out for attention, even though the magazine would be out within a month so it would've been extremely stupid to lie about it in the first place.

Didn't keep people from ripping me apart on a personal level, saying how I was just lying for the attention. Did any of those people apologize or even admit they were wrong when I was proven right? Of course not. That's just how the internet rolls.

Not saying this guy is the real deal - quite the opposite - just that people will do a lot of things for attention, including fake forum posts. Which is unfortunate, because when something legitimate IS posted, it's often viewed as being BS just like the other 95% of the "insider info" that's posted.

skitzoid3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

Blog and forum post / articles usually end up being nothing but fuel.

Potty Scotty3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

It might be fake but common sense would tell you that it's likely true that the Xbox 360 would have a better frame rate and better loading time. Why? As mentioned by RockStar, the Xbox 360 is the lead platform for GTAIV. Meaning that all the coding was done first on Xbox 360 and then ported over to Playstation 3. In most of the cases of game development through this method (because they were better optimized on Xbox 360) resulted in multi-platform games that showcased superior frame rates and loading times on Xbox 360. I wouldn't be surprised this this came to pass.

DeadIIIRed3939d ago

Common sense would tell me that nobody on N4G has played any version of GTA IV yet.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that GTA IV didn't really have a "lead platform" much like COD. I know that the 360 version is further along and R* has been using that version to demo the game, but thats all I've heard.

jwatt3939d ago

If you skim through the podcast you can hear them say that the ps3 version is running smooth.

TheSadTruth3939d ago

A non-credible gaming site discrediting an non-credible forum post.



Potty Scotty3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )


This is what we know based on reports through the media:

1. Development of GTAIV started with Table Tennis on Xbox 360 (which was a test for the Rage Engine used to power GTAIV).

2. RockStar had their Xbox 360 development systems a year before Playstation 3.

3. In a later conference call with investors, Take-Two's Strauss Zelnick attributed the delay to "almost strictly technological problems... not problems, but challenges."It was revealed that technical difficulties with the PlayStation 3 version of the game was a contributing factor to the delay.

4. Unlike Activision which has a history of coding feats (Call of Duty 2 on Xbox 360 ran at 60 FPS on a 6 month development cycle), RockStar does not.

5. This is RockStars first Playstation 3 game. It will be their third Xbox 360 game (meaning they have more experience working with 360).

6. We know that the PS3 is still lagging behind in development but that Rockstar hopes to have that all ironed out by it's release.

7. We do know that the media had played GTAIV on Xbox 360 last year and that they've only recently (this year) played GTAIV on Playstation 3. Though I feel it's been well documented that the Xbox 360 was the lead console for development, you can make your own conclusion.

The truth is that both versions will likely look the same. However it inevitable that both versions will get picked apart by the media. If there is a better version (other than the fact that the Xbox 360 version will have rumble, Achievements, custom sound tracks and the episodic content), I'd put my money on the Xbox 360 version.

Dannagar3939d ago

Only RockStar knows and time will tell which version is better. I'd imagine that this will become a pretty heated topic. Personally, there's nothing that would lead me to believe that PS3 would have a better version.

3939d ago
Potty Scotty3939d ago

I'm actually not to be mistaken for BladeStar. I was a fan of BladeStar and when BladeStar changed his Avatar to MisterBubbles, he died to me. So I changed my user name to BladeStar360 and took on the Sokka Avatar.

EZCheez3939d ago

Are you being serious?

Bladestar is pretending to be someone else while using the same name and adding a 360. Is this a joke?

How ironic that the real Bladestar just got demoted to one bubble. Coincidence?

On topic, anyone who didn't think this was fake or questioned it's legitimacy has problems. Problems almost as large as having multiple personalities on the web while using the same name with added numbers.

HeavyweightInTheGame3939d ago

Bladestar360 uses one period when needed. The other Bladestar, aka Mr. Bubble, ALWAYS uses three periods when all that's needed is one in his posts. Check for yourself. Mr Bubble posts a few posts below. They use different grammar styles when writing their posts. I could be wrong though.

aaron58293938d ago

No rumble ? LOL !! Are you aware "rumble" will be out before GTA even is released ? By the way, i've been using DS3 (rumble for ya) since December.

Nuch Vader3938d ago

Yeah BladeStar, Playstation 3 users get to add rumble for the Low, low price of $54.99 on April 15th. However, all Xbox 360 owners get rumble as a standard, in addition to Customer Sound Tracks, Real Achievements and the episodic content. However the Playstation 3 version will be better cuz I like the controller and that proves it.

Bathyj3938d ago

Now you can see why people post rubbish like that. Because people like Bladestar believe it. The force can have a strong influence on the weak minded. He's fallen for an old Jedi Mind trick.

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Silellak3939d ago

This is the first I'd heard about this, but really, is anyone surprised?

For one thing, I imagine at least one of the 14,000 GTA4 previews that hit the web last week might've mentioned if the PS3 was signicantly inferior to the 360 with regards to framerate or load times.

For another, the original post sounds about as convincing as someone just randomly guessing about certain features. *I* could come up with better "fake insider GTA4" information than that.

Was there anyone who actually BELIEVED it?

sonarus3939d ago

yea there were. It was suspicious because top game sites that previewed the game said they both ran at a rock solid 30fps

Cyrus3653939d ago

I agree with you, however all the previews that hit the web last week, were 99% all shown on 360. I believe there was one preview that talked about PS3 version specifically. Anyways I think someone would have made a fuss over it.

sonarus3939d ago

yea most of the previews were 360 but you can't make the statement ROCK SOLID 30fps unless you have seen both versions. The only difference stated so far was color variation. How 360 had brighter colors but ps3 colors were warmer

toughNAME3939d ago

We really haven't seen much of the PS3 version

Now the forum post could have gone either way, so I didn't approve

But if the 360 and PS3 version both look the same or VERY similar...I will be surprised

xhi43939d ago

PSM3, PSM3 France, Gamesradar, IGN, IGN UK, IGN AU and Gamespy ALL have tested the PS3 Version...........what did they say?

Solid framerate "even when my rockets were eating up the cityscape", warmer colours than the more vibrant colours of the 360 (i prefer more realistic gaming anyway, not halo colours. easily changed with gamma levels) and they said they both look identical.

oh dear.

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THC CELL3939d ago

hahahahahaahhah haha

i have just wet my pants laughing
X box fans need to grow up

Hydrollex3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

They get pwned like a 5 year old kid in 3 worlds country that get slap in the face by his father because the farm wasnt going good lol.

Ahaha the truth is

The PS3 version is gonna be better, LESS JAGGIES = AWESOME !

Warmer and realastic colors = AWESOME


iceice1233939d ago

I am going to love the HD comparison videos. You all know the ones, 360 version loads faster and looks sharper. We all love um, except for you poor poor beaten lemmings.


Your monkey-ass is so stupid it hurts.

gambare3939d ago

but this time it's confirmed that the PS3 version is sharper and more realistic than the 360 version, but hey! M$ payed millions for some extra cars, weps and missions just for fanboys like you.

t-0_ot-3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

Says your name.. and if your wetting your pants.. then I'd suggest you'd buy pampers.. ya know.. like a child.

Hydrolex - What in the hell are you talking about? You should go change your name for saying something so stupid..

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BigBoy20003939d ago

is such a crock!!! Wasn't there a review of the game written where the reviewer said he was looking at the two versions side by side and there weren't any noticeable differences? This whole 'one is better than the other' BS is just our money loving Microsoft trying to keep sales of their console up during a time of the year when GTAIV is the only good game coming out on it, which is funny cause it's a multiplatform game! I'm so tired of this one sided, propaganda technique sh!t!

SRuN43939d ago

I literarlly just checked out another story on this and as soon as I got done reading the post I said to myself "this is fake, cant wait for R* to confirm that it's fake" and low and behold it's already done.

Silellak3939d ago

With awesome magical powers like that you should say "I can't wait for a million billion trillion dollars."