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Call of Duty 4 Patch Update Info For Playstation 3 From Infinity Ward

Playstation 3 Call of Duty 4 gamers may be wondering what's up with their patch for Call of Duty 4. While Xbox 360 gamers received their patch on Friday last week, the PS3 COD4 patch still remains to be distributed.
Infinity Ward gives a brief update today on its blog. (Dev, PS3)

Joey Gladstone  +   2823d ago
This patch will be rather nice.....
in fixing a lot of the annoying issues with COD4.......but in all honesty I would MUCH rather receive some new maps to run around in......Dont get me wrong this game is TONS of fun..and has amazing replay value....but even the most avid player has to admit some kind of boredom with the "same" old maps..
......"The JOEY has Spoken"
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BrianC6234  +   2823d ago
The US has to wait until the other regions approve it? Not good. SCEE seems to take forever to do anything. Maybe they should release it for the US at least. Europe needs to figure out one main language and have all games in that language. It would really speed things up. I think they have seven now and all have to be approved.
MikeGdaGod  +   2822d ago
i don't care about maps, i hope they put the DS3 patch in. i've stopped playing it until then.
Rockwallaby  +   2822d ago
@BrianC6234, yes lets force all these countries to change their language so you can have your patch on time
Vip3r  +   2823d ago
I hope it's out this friday.
Gaara_724  +   2823d ago
nope keep the damm patch
cod4 lags bad enoth (in round war 9vs9 on bog) and this patch made the 360 lag even worse i know it may not happen to the ps3 coz of the cell but i dont wat it to lag anny more than it ocasanly does
Rama26285  +   2823d ago
LOL - "i know it may not happen to the ps3 coz of the cell"

Classic comment.

If only the internet was that simple and lag would magically disappear because of the power of the cell lol
Gaara_724  +   2823d ago
yeh if that was u trying to be sarcastic u do know the cell is the most powerfull chip out right now go look in the ginis book of records u will find that and the ps3 in that book

if u where being serious about lag free every one would have to get 8mb or higher internet connection
Rama26285  +   2823d ago
In your first post you talked about COD4 having lag and how the patch made the 360 version lag even more and how the PS3 version might not have the same problem because of the cell processor.

Now I'm not saying anything against the cell, as it is a wonderful piece of technology and I enjoy using it every day.

What made me laugh is that you were saying how the cell might actually affect lag. The PS3 could have 100 cell processors and it'd still lag. As you pointed out in your second post, that lag free would depend on people's internet connection so you sort of contradicted yourself and agreed with me at the same time.

EDIT: @below, no worries. My understanding is that lag is determined by internet connections due to the game being peer to peer and I can't see how the cell has any affect on this?
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meepmoopmeep  +   2823d ago
many governments and scientists will agree about the processing power of the Cell and if utilized in the right way it is a serious processor and one that Intel and AMD should consider looking into its type of architecture to overcome their bottleneck.

if coded right it could lessen the lag on a game by distributing information independently to each of the cores. that's if it's coded right and we don't know what IW has done with it.

the Cell isn't in the Guiness Book of World Records for no significant reason. it's an awesome processor if used right.

EDIT: oh sorry, i thought you were belittling the Cell. forget my comment
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Capt CHAOS  +   2822d ago
Gaara 724..
You just made yourself look very ignorant, along with the person why agreed with you.
Gaara_724  +   2822d ago
when i think about it it comes down to 3 things
1. RAM
2. Prossesin power
3. Internet connection
the higher all 3 are the less lag
caffman  +   2822d ago
use the spell check function
Sir Ken Kutaragi 3  +   2823d ago
Lets get ready2rumble... er i hope;)
Will it add Rumble???
Rama26285  +   2823d ago
Unfortunately, there hasn't been been any word on whether this will be included or not. I hope so too! I play COD4 the most and it's like the only game I have that doesn't use rumble.
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caffman  +   2822d ago
Its always had rumble!
oh riiiiiiight you are talking about the PS3 version
RJ2000  +   2822d ago
What is the big deal about rumble? Honestly I LOVE not having it. Can't believe people LIKED it... i must be missing something here.
Sir Ken Kutaragi 3  +   2823d ago
Its coming...
Trust me;)
+the HOME features will blow your mind!!! ;-P
Lifendz  +   2823d ago
Glad to hear
they got the update done in a timely manner and the holdup is on Sony's end. It shows the dev isn't showing a preference for one console over the other. Good job IW.
LastDance  +   2822d ago
Its funny. xbox has things out first but they always seem to F*ck up.

And every1 complains because sony take too long.

Maybe theres a reason?
Bleucrunch  +   2823d ago
I am happy this is coming to the ps3 very soon...it will fix some bugs that occur in the game,but I really want to know when the new maps are gonna come out because I think the currents maps are getting a little annoying. But I will stil play this game day and night any ways yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeea!
MarkyUK  +   2823d ago
I downloaded a patch last night. You can now get on a game in seconds. Much better.

EDIT: Never noticed any rumble though...
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King2008  +   2823d ago
Reason why its taking so long
Because Sony has this thing called Quality Control and they are testing it to make sure when they Certify something it'll work properly...just my thoughts.
eddierivera  +   2823d ago
you dont even need 8 mbps
I have a 15 mbps internet connection and I couldnt tell the differance when I hooked up to my 5 mbps dsl connection. I talked to alot of internet techs and they said that video gaming doesnt even take up that much, I have friends who have a 1.5 mbps and we run fine all day. And its not about the download speed. Its the upload that affects it. If someone has a upload over 600k then you should be fine. Even if it was not to much under, I have a 1 mbps upload and I could never tell the differance.

Alot of it is because of other reasons like people who live in apartments, they share the same line and that takes up bandwith if you got cable. Dsl is the way to go anymore if you live in an apartment. But it can act up cause of the security features that are on the modem itself. I had to turn off the firewall in my modem and in my router, and I think alot of people dont know about this problem. I have had alot of problems trying to find out what router to use and ive went through so many router combos and so many issues.

Ive come to find out that the newer routers and combos have security features that arent mentioned, and as a result, people who have a nat type 2 still have problems playing. One of the issues is that newer routers and combos like to shut themselves off so they dont overload. Also, it seems that newer routers that have the dmz option still dont dmz your ps3 or 360 all the way.

I know it sounds silly, but the only way That I could get my game on was to have my cable company give me a 5 year old combo (router/modem) and the dmz worked fine. I finally had the opportunity to shut my dsl off so i dont have to pay for 2 internets,, one for my ps3, and one for my comp. its a longs story, and I have additional info if anyone needs help. I only have one more bubble though.
Capt CHAOS  +   2822d ago
Don't confuse bandwitth with latency..
hint: ping times..
Wozzer  +   2822d ago
Put some effort in Infinity Ward!
They (IW) need to make the host migration run in the background so that you don't get kicked back to the lobby, but most importantly make it so that you don't get a loss when the host leaves the game, especially when you are winning the match and some sore loser on the other team leaves.
eddierivera  +   2822d ago
the game uses p2p
They would have to put dedicated servers for something like that to work.
ambientFLIER  +   2822d ago
Halo uses p2p as well, but host migration works perfect there. A few second pause, and you're back where you left off as the game finds a new host.
Kleptic  +   2822d ago
Correct me if I am wrong...but I don't think the game uses P2P at all...which is why we are dealing with Host problems...

I don't even know who started that...saying XBL and the PSN only use P2P networking...but P2P refers to a condition where there is no singular host, whether its a highspeed dedicated server, or a players machine...Every player is a host for a certain aspect of the network, and is also a client...

In an environment like that...Host migration is automatic...one person leaves...the other hosts pick up the slack...its exactly how file sharing programs like Napster and Kazaa used to work...

but CoD 4 very clearly uses a standard client/server condition just like PC gaming...there is a single Host that is chosen by the master servers at Activision...and everyone else is a client only...this causes the host advantages that everyone flips out about...and results in the match collapsing if the host leaves the game early...they are fixing that by having the master servers take a heartbeat reading when a host quits, in order to group the same people together again and chose a new host for the next match...rather than just ending the lobby also...

I believe Halo 3 does use P2P though...which is why it has a more dynamic host migration process...in Halo 3 the only thing a single "host" does is stat management...keeps track of them and then reports them to the master servers at the end of the match...that few second pause is only someone being uploaded that information from a player that just quit...its not for someone hosting the entire match in the client/server sense...

Ideally P2P is a superior network type for gaming...but being that most ISPs offer relatively weak uplaod speeds (P2P networks make upload speeds just as important as download speeds)...it can often result in laggy gameplay...that was one main criticism of XBL in the past, but it appears that not all games use P2P anymore...and I don't know of a single PSN game yet that uses it...
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cr33ping_death  +   2822d ago
well hopefully it wont have the problems the 360 patch is having...so i read..... and i hope they fix the 360 version since that is the one i have...... i hope they fix it before my 360 returns from being repaired.
caffman  +   2822d ago
Hope this come soon for Sony fans
so you can see the joy of the air strike kill cam!
sak500  +   2822d ago
Why airstrikes when you have the funny grenade cam.
ambientFLIER  +   2822d ago
That's nothing compared to the grenade cam as it's thrown from 100 yards away and hits you in the back.
Ghoul  +   2822d ago
i only want rumble if they really miss to add it im going to be a sad sad person :)
Jamaicangmr  +   2822d ago
I have to appreciate Sony's quality control when it comes to patches specially concidering that a patch can brick your PS3. I just hope they put it through the needed tests quickly so we can get the patch and IW i want the map pack please. I play this game everyday and i really need some new maps.

@ cr33ping_death

Sorry to hear about your console issues with your Xbox360 dying on you. I don't have a Xbox360 but am talkin as a gamer.
BaSeBaLlKiD721  +   2822d ago
is it just me?
that i have no lag issues at all everytime i play online... i would get a lagging issue about once a week, thats it. the game runs smoothly and have no problem with getting in a match. (i have ps3 version)
whoelse  +   2822d ago
The 360 patch clearly wasn't checked properly by Microsoft because there are problems with it...

At least Sony are taking care to make sure it right.
InYourMom  +   2822d ago
There is nothing wrong with COD4
that MS would be concerned about. It has fixed many problems except for the host migration issue, which IW said it would fix.

Has nothing to do with what MS tests for when they do a cert on a game.

What a great way to spin this delay.. Sony has the best cert process in the industry.. I guess we won't talk about the Lost Planet Demo being total rubbish when it launched a couple weeks ago? Where was this extensive cert process then?

CoD4 works brilliantly on the 360 for me. No lag, no problems outside of the 1 host issue that doesn't even really bother me.
PimpHandStrong  +   2822d ago
Im not playing this game
till they get that patch out. The game is running like sh!t and you can barely stay in one room for 2 games in a row

I bought The Show yesterday and its the best baseball game i have ever played. So i can wait for this patch to fix the issues with COD.
DJ  +   2822d ago
It better be perfected once released.
I don't want to go through the crap that 360 owners experienced earlier this week, with the patch causing additional lag and whatnot.
PimpHandStrong  +   2822d ago
maybe it is my connection :-(
InyaAzz  +   2822d ago
Lag has nothing to do with processor speed. it's a byproduct of latency on a network. You could have the brains of a super computer in your 360 or PS3, but if it has to wait on information from the internet, about where to place your teammates of your screen, it doesn't matter. Like anything electronic, it's only as fast as it's slowest parts.
Adamalicious  +   2822d ago
I, too, hope they add DS3 support soon as I should be receiving mine very soon.
Eamon  +   2822d ago
It would be great if they brought Rumble support for DS3. But man, shouldn't have this been in the game at the start
Blasphemy  +   2822d ago
Why do we have 100 different articles talking about the same patch? Just give us the patch already I done with updates of it coming.
skitzoid  +   2822d ago
If the patch is anything like the 360 version
all I can say is be careful what you wish for PS3 COD4 players. I honestly think the patch for the 360 caused more problems than positive changes.

Spawning is worse. Spawning is horrible now. You spawn either a mile away from the action looking at the ceiling or facing a corner. Or you spawn only to be killed instantly for several reasons.

Lag is worse.

Host still ends games the only difference is it keeps everyone together and starts a new map. Sometimes the host still ends games period. You get booted back to XBL to only have to find another lobby.

The only positive is hit detection and ACOG scope is better.
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Science_NERD  +   2822d ago
Really? How much worse is the lag?
skitzoid  +   2822d ago
It's not real bad
You just notice it more when you are firing your weapon. When you hit the enemy it stalls for a split second. There are a lot of noticeable hiccups now that I never saw before the update and I have over 200 hours and 250 matches logged into the game before the patch.

It's not like I am imagining these things. I just got done playing a couple rounds on various hosts and it varied from playable to I'll take the loss and split.
Science_NERD  +   2822d ago
All we need are new maps. What's the point of seeing what or who killed you with killcam. It's useless. Why does the xbox360 get the patch first? IW better start showing some appreciation to its ps3 fans that helped to make the game such a success and give us some new maps before the 360. Its getting to be such bull that ps3 users get everything last and far after everyone. Show us some love. To the idiot that will probably disagree just because you think its funny...go to hell
DarthCruz   2822d ago | Spam
Asurastrike  +   2822d ago
Isn't this patch the one that screwed up the 360 version and required a second patch to fix it?

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