Xbox 360 Scores Two Major Exlusive Titles in Japan ; Ketsui and DDP Daioujo

Yesterday, Japanese blogs Japanese blogs were spreading rumors that major Japanese titles would be coming to the Xbox 360 exclusively. Famitsu insiders have just confirmed this rumor to be true. Both games will be hitting the Xbox 360 exclusively in Japan this year. According to Famitsu, gamers should expect more in a future edition of their magazine.

Below is a video from the Arcade version.


I realized that Exclusive is spelled wrong in the title. My bad ya all.

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decapitator3704d ago

I just checked out some of his work right now and the guys seems like he knows his stuff. Good stuff. Now the question, will he be able to bring that to make Gears 2 an even better game ?

decapitator3704d ago

Update: The story has been update. Ignore the post above.

decapitator3704d ago

I think they reason why they chose Xbox 360 instead of PS3 is because of paying for licensing issues for PS3 is a bit high. The games will be a sure hit if they came here in the West but who knows.

wageslave3704d ago

That is just insane. Only the Japanese have the crazy patience to memorize all those moves.


sonarus3704d ago

forgive me for sounding like a fanboy really isnt intentional but how is this a MAJOR exclusive???

Marceles3704d ago

Eh, Decapitator thinks it's MAJOR, you don't...all the game is known for is having one of the hardest final bosses in gaming, but even I wont say the game is a SUPER MEGA EXCLUSIVE CONFIRMED game...thats a little over the top.

Siesser3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

What kind of sadist would design a game like that for a machine that takes quarters? That's just WRONG. And I thought Gradius was bad...

wageslave3703d ago


Well, from your perspective, its not "major" because it is on Xbox 360.

Do you understand?

Willio3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Socom PSN exclusive vs. 2 J-arcade games... i wonder who wins in America.

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TheMART3704d ago

my god it hurts my eyes too bad can't watch

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The story is too old to be commented.