Street Fighter IV analysed by North American champion

A ton of info on Street Fighter IV here from Dan Boutross, the guy that won the first North American Street Fighter IV championship at GDC. He goes into details about the game's systems and characters and comes to the conclusion that he loves what he's seen.

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riksweeney3642d ago

From the article:

>It fills as you get twatted

I never thought I'd ever see anyone use that word to describe being hit.

Noodlecup3642d ago

don't need to call it UK English, it's our language! :D

patlike3642d ago

before 2009, I reckon.

DarkSniper3642d ago

Does anyone know if Sagat or M.Bison will be in this game? Otherwise, Dark Sniper will not be so encouraged in checking out this game.


DarkSniper3642d ago


The job will not allow Dark Sniper to view the videos. It's good to see that Sagat is in the game. But on M.Bison's standpoint, He meant to see if the shadowloo boss is on the game. Not the boxer. M.Bison is known as Vega in other countries Dark Sniper believes. Good information though.

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