April PSN overhaul confirmed

Previous rumour reports of the PlayStation Network getting a huge overhaul in April would appear true as SCEA's director of product development confirms: "you will see a pretty big change in the PlayStation Network in the early part of April".

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mighty_douche3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

Great news, im really bored of the current layout, it looks like some lack luster website.

Lots of things to look forward to in April, ill add this to the list!

Cheers contributor : )

blacsheep3935d ago

sony are pulling out all the stops to give as gamers a true next-gen experience

sony nearly lost this war and that has shaken them up into providing the best service they possibly can

kudos to microsoft for providing the competition which i believe has made sony a better company in regards to listening to gamers.

360 had some of the best games in 2007 sony cannot afford to sit back because microsoft are in this for the long haul!

BlackCountryBob3935d ago

I agree, kudos to Microsoft because they have put up some ace competition to Sony and forced them to begin listening to gamers again to give us the kind of experience we want. Its a good sign for the future and further proof that a single console future would be bad for all gamers.

Competition breeds innovation so a strong 360 makes the PS3 innovate to keep up and vice versa.

Cwalat3935d ago

cheers mate,

really glad they are updating the interface, the current one doesnt please me, it somehow seems very lastgen compared to iTunes. Still i hope they'll get RE 2 and RE 1 on the European and U.S. PS-Store soon. :D

gonzopia3935d ago

Let us hope that with the new interface (WOO!) comes some better quality and quantity content (WOOHOO!).

JB 4913934d ago

Not to be a mean but i would like to tell you that a kid at school seas kudos alot and now people call him a homo.

And i think it is a good idea for sony to change things for the better

BlackCountryBob3934d ago

Thanks JB491, you have really been able to put the article into perspective there. Its a real bonus for this entire site that individuals with such a depth of insight into the human condition and knowledge of the English language are around here to help us mere mortals make sense of the world.

How misguided I am, saying kudos means you are gay. I'm so glad that feckless school kids are just as smart as they have always been.

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PumPum3935d ago

I hope they put up more content for us Europeans.

paul_war3935d ago

I bet we won't even get the 'new look' store for a least a few months after the US.

pandabear3935d ago

MGs for the PS1 would be an amazing hit if they realised it over the PSN - especially the the anticipation of MGS4 - c'mon Sony - you know you want to!!!

Lifendz3935d ago

I've put up with that bland layout for...well more than a year now. Can't wait to see how they tweak it.

shadowghost7523935d ago

totally agree 100%

maybe they may offer some movie and music downl;oads with Sony owning movie studios and music groups and all

tweaker3935d ago

Hopefully they add some serious content though. More classic games please!

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The story is too old to be commented.