Activision CEO on possible COD MMOG, Guitar Hero's Asian Tour

With the massive Activision Blizzard merger looming, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick held court today at the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference in Dana Point, California. And while many presentations by executives to analysts prove snooze-inducing, Kotick brought up several subjects which perked up the ears of the game industry.

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sfinXters3907d ago

Looks like MMORPG'ing games is becoming a nice, profitable business to replace sequel spawning.
What's next? NFS MMORPG? Halo MMORPG? No, scratch that, we need a Heavenly Sword MMORPG.


t-0_ot-3907d ago

sfinXters - "NFS MMORPG" that wouldn't be a bad Idea for fans of racing games, but only if they could make it right..