Reactions and Issues with the Latest COD4 Patch

Are you pleased with the latest Call of Duty 4 patch? Has the accuracy of your sniping improved, are you seeing more or less lag? Well apparently some issues have come up, but as usual Infinity Ward is on the case.

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permutated3934d ago

Duplicate story, and the only problems I've had on Live since the update is with the sniper rifle, but it's very very small.

BeaArthur3934d ago

Yep this is old news and also a duplicate story. I however do think it lags more than it used to. I was playing domination the other day and actually had the other team capture a flag with myself and 2 teammates standing right next to it and no one on the other team even in the same area of the map.

Voozi3934d ago

More people are ending the game since the patch I noticed, and it's also taking longer for gamers to start up (360 version I play)

Like whenever I'm partied up with a bunch of guys and we go dominate in HQ and don't have host, we pretty much know the game is going to end least in the old version we would keep joining lobbies until we had host, but this time around we aren't sure who has host until we're actually in game and stuff and yea lol...Other then that, I do enjoy the sniper & acoge scope improvments, however I notice a lot more damn snipers now a days since the patch who think they can snipe now lol

Anyways, off to work on this stupid program for class ;_;

Close_Second3934d ago

...the console versions of COD4 have one of the worst lobby systems of any next-gen game. Halo 3 and Warhawk are examples of how a good lobby system should work. COD4's lobby is not even as good as what was offered with COD3.

I hate joining games and finding my connection is 1 red bar. Results in me quitting to go find another game and on doing so end right back up in the same game (my record for quitting and joining the same game is 16!). I don't give a damn about the win/loss ratio but more about the time it takes to find a good game and the wear and tear on my console with all the disc activity.

I also hate it when you finally do end up hosting and the game will quit because only 1 or 2 of the other players have a good connection to you. Why would a good lobby system even throw a group of players together when the connection is not good enough to sustain gameplay!?!

To summarise, COD4 is one of the best on-line experiences wrapped in one of the worst lobby systems.

Dashmoney1013934d ago

i still have connections issues with some of my friends and when are the going to lower the accuracy and range of the P90?

in reality the p90 has the accuaracy and range of the uzi, but i get capped with that thing all the time from across the map.

BeaArthur3934d ago

haha, if I had a dollar for every time I got sniped with the p90.

PumPum3934d ago

Get skillz before killz!

mariusmal3934d ago

yeah its ridiculous how the p90 can snipe ahahah

fenderputty3934d ago

been able to kill someone that far off with the P90. I have it silenced so, that has an affect but, I've never seen it do what you all just talked about. If I try to shoot someone further away with the P90, then I get my arss shot in the face with a battle riffle. Battle riffle is my secondary.

ambientFLIER3934d ago

Haha, battle rifle. HALO FTW !

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skitzoid3934d ago

So I guess we will have a patch for the patch by.....?

The spawning is my biggest gripe with the patch. You either spawn right in front of the enemy or on the other side of the map staring at a corner, ceiling, or both.

Bleucrunch3934d ago

I have to wait until the ps3 patch comes out.

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