Saints Row 2 First Look

Videogamer writes: "Why should anyone be interested in a sequel to Saints Row when GTA 4 is looming ominously over the horizon? That's the question all gangster sandbox fans will be asking themselves, now that THQ has lifted the lid on Saints Row 2. We sought the answer to this question and many others during our first-look at a pre-alpha build of the game in London. You'll be surprised by our findings.

Instead of shirking the question, lead designer Greg Donovan was happy to tackle it head on. "The only thing I know about GTA is what I've read," he explains in front of the assembled European press. "From what I've read it seems like they're going in a more realistic direction. For us it's more about almost a hyper-realistic quality, over-the-top, all about these memorable moments, very compelling gameplay and frankly we wouldn't be releasing this year if we didn't think it would be competitive."

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