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Konami and Mercury Steam working on a secret project for PS3 and 360

The creators of Clive Barker's Jericho, Mercury Steam, are working with Konami on a unannounced and ambitious project for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 that will arrive in 2009 or 2010.

We can read at HardGame2, one of the most important Spanish (and european) web of videogames, the next (This story has been translated by Google translator pages):

"It seems that titles such as Scrapland and the recent Clive Barker's Jericho have convinced pleasantly to Konami, as the Japanese giant has revealed that Spanish Mercury Steam is developing currently a video game for them, by now totally secret, which will come to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in late 2009 or early 2010.

This would not be the first collaboration between Mercury Steam and Konami, because the Spanish study is to collaborate in certain areas with Sumo Digital in the development of promising New International Track & Field Nintendo DS (which you will soon offer a broad advance). We will be attentive to any developments that are known in this regard." (Clive Barker's Jericho, PS3, Xbox 360)

Credit url: hardgame2.com
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Batusai  +   2609d ago
This new is very important for spansish people, because Mercury Steam is the most important company in Spain.
Charlie2688  +   2609d ago
After the atrocity that was Jericho I find it VERY hard to get hyped about this -_-
Batusai  +   2609d ago
Jericho is a good game, with some faults, but fun and risky.
Charlie2688  +   2609d ago
Jericho is a game that has more faults (aka HORRENDOUS design flaws and poor dev choices) than good parts specially the part when they forgot to put and ending to it or actually useful AI...more than 5 different enemies...and I can go on for a good while

I think at the end the only thing good you can say about Jericho is that it had....fantastic and detailed character models?...and well blood and guns?

its sad that a game with MASSIVE potential ended up being SO bad and pretty much all the promising ideas poorly executed
Horza_gobuchul  +   2609d ago
Personally I thought the ending to Jericho was excellent, it was a cliffhanger ending. I saw it as the Jericho squad breaking the cycle that had endured for thousands of years. Taking a risk that would either destroy mankind or save it. Otherwise they would just patch up the breach and it would only be a matter of time before the cycle would begin again and nothing would be achieved.

I think most people were disappointed because there were no answers, as a Lost fan I have learned to enjoy stories that never seem to end and only deepen. Though I can see why others don't.

Jericho was a poor game, though there were elements that were enjoyable. Playing it after Call of duty four I couldn't help but imagine what an Infinity Ward developed Jericho could have been like. However, that wasn't the way it turned out. I would still buy Jericho 2 as I am a big fan of Clive barker, and enjoyed the original game enough to run through it twice.
The Closing  +   2609d ago
Jericho was a huge disappointment that definitely failed on so many levels especially the repetitive nature of the game. Honestly couldn't even bare to make it through the game. I'm surprised such a highly esteemed producer, and publisher such as Konami could see anything in Mercury after that failure. Only time will tell just, and what they saw in them. If I were them I would try to forget Jericho even existed, and not mention it at all.
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Antan  +   2609d ago
Regardless of what happened on Jericho (holds hands up!), the MS guys are a really talented and hard working bunch. I was in Madrid 3 times last year with the guys and i had a blast. Make no bones about it, the new project will be an improvement in every way.

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