Activision Get Heavy With Record Labels

More from Activision boss Bobby Kotick's address at the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference: Activision are waking up to just how much money artists can make by appearing on Guitar Hero (HINT: it's a lot). So, they figure, if artists are making money off Guitar Hero, then Activision can start making money off those artists. And their labels.

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TrevorPhillips3941d ago

man thats why i love guitar hero

TrevorPhillips3941d ago

i cant wait for guitar hero 4 :)

GodsHand3941d ago

They make enough money. $3.00 for a song.

The only good thing I see from this, is more DLC.

Ravenator5293941d ago

As long as it doesn't cost us more money, then I don't care what Activision does.

Ravenator5293941d ago

After playing Rock Band, I think I need a little more than just guitar riffs.

I was dissapointed with GH3. I thought the boss battles ruined the overall experience and the production value (graphics and characters) were a joke.

Every time I play GH2 or 3, I always wonder what it would be like to play the drum tracks to most of the songs.

Not to mention that on every Tuesday, Rock Band gets new content.

Don't get me wrong, I'll still buy GH4 and I'll love playing it. I just feel that the GH franchise is going to start feeling "dated" due to the options that you have with Rock Band.

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