The Making of Lost Odyssey - The developer takes you through the creation of the X360's latest RPG

Gameplayer writes: Gameplayer spoke to Field Plus' game directors Daisuke Fukugawa and Takehiro Kaminagayoshi about their project Lost Odyssey and developing for the Xbox 360.

Gameplayer: You've said that you're very proud of your product after four years of development. Has the title changed much from the original concept in those four years?

Field Plus: Actually, the title has changed little. In terms of capacity, there is no evolution.

GP: The Immortal/Mortal storyline is very interesting. Why is it such an integral part of the game?

FP: It's about the search for identity. These men and women, these immortals, have lost their memories come the start of the game and must slowly retrieve them. You follow the process of them regaining their memory. In this process, the mortal characters accompany the immortals, but it is really the immortals' story – such as Aspen, who is over seventy years old. These few mortal characters, their interactions with the immortals, will shape the uncovering of the immortals' memories.

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ps360s3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

I really like this game

Love the music to this game and the story is very well made...emotional...when Kaim found his Daughter again that bit was really good.

You do feel for Kaim being immortal. I read the dreams too by not skipping them and it makes it much more emotional and more feeling to the game :)

if you havn't got this game yet for your 360 then your missing out :)