iTWire: PS3 winning Charts but not Minds

iTWire writes: Sony is back in the game, after some hardware tweaking and promotions that are shifting PS3 units. Some recent experiences however tell me that perhaps not all new PS3 owners are up with the capabilities of the machine.

Recently in Australia, Sony offered a free PS3 with any XBR, X or W series Bravia LCD TV . Once the dust had settled on this offer, Sony Australia announced an associated PS3 sales (!) spike of 20,000 plus PS3's. Good numbers in a country of only 20 million residents.

Great, but it seems many of these PS3's went home to unaware households. Read on for a couple of real life recent exchanges regarding PlayStation 3 usage in a modern home.

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beoulve3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

at least they are consistent. Wonder how many ps3 not doing good i read from that site. Try to save their face when they predict the other way?

Harry1903548d ago

that''s got to be the best article i have
ever read.outstanding.

mikeslemonade3548d ago

PS3's "rival" system hasn't won as many minds has it should have. After all the investments it made in 2007 it has barely scraped the casual market.

niall773548d ago

and some of them where bound to get a ps3 someday.

Mattearl3548d ago

No s**t... people are so dumb sometimes.... it they took the time to maybe RESEARCH somethings... it would pay-off.

Rice3548d ago

Ps3 won over my mind....

The Closing3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

How does one make an entire article based on internet auctions?

InYourMom3548d ago

an article like the one from Punchjump claiming the PS3 is selling out because they check a few online retailers..

Except that one isn't questioned but articles like these are.

I agree with your point however.

The Closing3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Well those are some pretty big online retailers. In fact may I add the biggest around.

TruthBTold3548d ago

why are your comments always made up of something negative to the PS3?

InYourMom3548d ago

Truth: To bring balance to the force.

I like the PS3, it's a good system.. I don't think it needs much defending on this site from me there are plenty to do it.

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CaliGamer3548d ago

Cute article, too bad it has no substance. Hopefully they can do better next time. LOL.

You can post anything and get it approved as news on this site it seems, disturbingly interesting but mostly sad.

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The story is too old to be commented.