EA apologises over 'dumb' SimCity launch

Electronics Arts has apologised for the shambolic launch of the latest version of town-planning title SimCity.

Gamers have reported long queues to play, bugs and other glitches since SimCity launched on 5 March.

The company said the way it had set up the launch had been "dumb" and that it "really feels bad" about the way gamers had suffered.

As compensation, all those who bought SimCity will be offered a free Electronics Arts PC game this month.

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deanobi1955d ago

Its taken EA so long to do so...

Yi-Long1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

... which is wrong.

They SHOULD apologise about demanding everyone to be 'always online', even when you just want to enjoy the SP experience!

Irishguy951955d ago

I hope the people moaning about the Drm aren't the ones who bought it. EA are looking at a number on the bottom of a page laughing their ***es off right now.

maelstromb1954d ago

They just could NOT pry their thin, dead hands from their cold mouths to utter those words until now. Newsflash: When it takes THIS long to apologize for something SO obviously bollocksed, it's already apparent that it's insincere. And still, no word on what choices people will have regarding their "free game."

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Septic1955d ago

Let's hope EA learn from this. We all make mistakes but something of this scale shouldn't have happened in the first place.

At least they are trying to compensate gamers.

da_2pacalypse1955d ago

They're not trying to compensate anything. They're just trying to control the damage it is doing to their already poor reputation. And they will never learn. It's EA.

TotalSynthesisX1955d ago

EA learning from a mistake? Let's not ask for miracles.

wallis1954d ago

EA have to learn. The games industry is losing a little life with most major publishers seeing a drop in stock price over the last year or two. The recession is finally starting to affect the market as a whole instead of just picking off the odd company here and there. Point is - games are f*cking expensive and if they expect us to hand out thousands every year they best make damn sure the product works. Better still I better not insert a disc into my computer only to have a photo of EA's ass appear and an 'I agree' button that is lip activated. They think people who started out on Quake and Doom are gonna settle for this kind of bull sh*t customer service?

Septic is right - We should hope EA learns from this because if they don't, and if these companies insist on mismanaging, mis-selling, and generally fucking everything up that they touch then the industry as a whole is gonna suffer. I have genuinely gone off my favourite hobby. Last year my favourite game was the indie title Hotline Miami. From Dead space 3 to aliens CM this year has a continuing trend of fuck-wittery on behalf of the games industry. Standards have dropped, hard, and the next gen consoles have worse specs than the machine I'm writing this comment on.

Things look bleak and for every Bland Bland 3: the Blandening that we are expected to buy for 60 bucks along with 20 bucks for a season pass and 10 bucks for an annual map pack (which includes the fan favourite maps from Bland Bland 2: the Blandinator) then the industry is just getting closer and closer to another big crash. I guess the only difference between now and last time is kickstarter, the internet and steam. With any luck independents will take over and you won't have to suck an executive's dick everytime you want to play a game.

Anon19741954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

I understand the desire to try to curb piracy, but if you're going to institute drm, for the love of god..make sure it works.

I remember seeing a stat from back in 2009 (I think) that showed something like 400k COD4 games were sold at that point and the game had been pirated on PC an estimated 4 million times. It's a wonder any developer supports PC gaming.

Even our newest Android game, we launched on Sunday and by Tuesday morning I had already seen the full version being passed around the web. Is it really too much for developers, artists, programmers etc..etc to be expect some sort of compensation for their work? People complain about drm like there's no tomorrow, but what choice does the industry have? And if you put out a free game with ads to attempt to pay your bills and feed your family in the face of rampant piracy, your trashed for that as well. Try to make money to pay your mortgage through micro-transactions? Your no better than Hitler according to gamers.

I don't know what choice the industry has going forward to stay ahead of these issues. I mean apart from the obvious, if you go the online drm route, make sure your servers can manage it.

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deanobi1955d ago

Their argument is that the population on beta wasn't enough.

daggertoes831955d ago

Really or are they just trying to save face.

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