Third-party Xi3 Piston "Steam Box" console gets $1,000 price tag, but will it be worth it?

"Either way it's starting to look like a tough sell: the Piston (using PC architecture to run Linux and Steam's Big Picture mode), like other forthcoming Steam Box machines, is designed to bring PC gaming to the living room as small-form-factor, modular upgradeable, affordable units. If the Xi3 Piston is anything to go by however, Steam Boxes look set to be just as pricey as next-gen consoles, and not necessarily as powerful, given the size constraints."

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Xaphy1873d ago

why would anyone buy this when they can build a pc themselves for that price?

MurDocINC1873d ago

$100 "stream" box
$300 steambox
$300+ 3rd party

Gabe in a way stated that.

Spoon_1872d ago

I thought xi3 is not the steam Box?

Korezo1872d ago

It isn't the steam box, it's a 3rd party hardware. Valve haven't even revealed the steambox.

MikeMyers1872d ago

This is one of the issues, trying to identify itself from the mainstream computer user and the hardcore who builds their own. Valve also won't likely sell the hardware at a loss like the console makers often do. That's because Valve does not charge as much for royalties and updates that they do to have software offset hardware costs.

If they can scale the systems to different pricing while making it competitive they might do ok.

porkChop1872d ago

Valve actually charges more for royalties. Whereas on consoles the manufacturers take $10 (~15%) on a $60 game, Valve charges 30% for every game on Steam. Even for indie games. So basically, Valve charges twice as much for royalties compared to everyone else. They're able to get away with it because of how popular Steam is.

Pandamobile1872d ago


That's only retail games. Console manufacturers take 15% off the top for retail console games (which doesn't happen for PC games).

For all games and content purchased through XBL and PSN, Sony and Microsoft both take a 30% cut, the same as Valve.

bakasora1872d ago

Try holding the rig you built with your palm. Because that's how small the steam box is.

Sykoticz1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

@Bakasora Try justifying paying $1000 on something that maybe only able to play games on medium-low settings.

I know its small yes it looks cool but building you own rig is so much more rewarding and unique.

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N0S3LFESTEEM1872d ago

Seriously though... You could build a pretty worthy gaming rig with that much.

FX-8350 = $200
Radeon 7970 = $450
Asus M5A97 Evo = $100

That's $750... so plenty of headroom for the rest of that build.

gamer2341872d ago

so much for PC gaming ,Iam so sticking to console

N0S3LFESTEEM1872d ago

@ Gamer234

Just demoing what $1000 can get you... I can build a complete rig for around $650 that will be more than enough for gaming. $1000 is actually the sweet spot for building a rig that will last.

TheRealSpy1872d ago

The sweet spot for a rig that will last is closer to 1300-1500.

and even that PC will show it's age after 4 or 5 years.

i still think it's totally worth it though. running games like crysis 3 and wither 2 on max settings is glorious! if the "next gen" consoles manage to look as good as crysis 3, i'd be surprised.

Irishguy951872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

800 sweetspot Mid range gaming, upgrade with another 250 Gpu in 3-4 years.

Lasts for long time

Edit - Just saw Tomb Raider for 30 dollars on CDkeyhouse. New game for 30 quid. PC gaming is cheaper than console gaming in the end.

Utalkin2me1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

So 250 more bucks you can get a case, power supply, memory, hard drive and operating system for 250 bucks?

Its not even close guy. At least console gaming you can trade or sell your games and get half your money back. Or just rent tomb raider like i did for 10 bucks and have it beat and return it in 3 days. Not like im going to be playing it over and over.

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showtimefolks1872d ago

if Valve think they can charge anywhere near $1000 and compete with ps4 or next xbox than they are not thinking straight, for $1000 you could build a killer PC yourself

also like someone said earlier many think Valve charges less for royalties but they actually charge more, consoles charge 15% while Valve charges 30% even to indie developers

CapsLocke1872d ago

Valve has nothing to do with charging for this device.

hellvaguy1872d ago

"why would anyone buy this when they can build a pc themselves for that price?"

Why would anyone buy a store built desktop pc when you can build that for half the price with better parts? Yet complete build pc's far number people who build their own. I build my own desktops and try convincing all my family and friends to do the same, yet some of them "just don't want to deal with the hassel".

Xaphy1872d ago

because most people aren't into gaming? I'm talking from a gamer's perspective here.

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yewles11873d ago

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Pinkamena_Diane_Pie1873d ago

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Holeran1872d ago

And half as fast as Obamas approval ratings and not near as low.

Biggest1872d ago

And since Obama's ratings are fairly high (especially compared to Bush)... What's the point again?

Holeran1871d ago

Just a jab at our emperor who seems bound and determined to ruin this country one way or another.

Evil-snuggles1871d ago

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Holeran1871d ago

And another uneducated drone^^ enters the conversation.

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juandren1873d ago

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Rainstorm811873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

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