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Kyle gets his hands on the bubble popping puzzle game on the PS Vita.

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assassin2k2018d ago

Great review. Looks like fun!

CommonSenseGamer2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

I guess since this is on the vita that casual gaming is now acceptable?

In all seriousness, this is great for Vita but the price is not. Casual games should be priced like casual games.

sdozzo2018d ago

I was about to post along the same lines... I'll pay $5 for this.

smashcrashbash2018d ago

Not sure what is the constant trolling in Sony articles about 'Oh now casual gaming is accepted'. I mean stop me if i am wrong but I don't think catering to both casuals and the hardcore is any new thing for Sony. It's only until recently Microsoft and Nintendo have started catering to both.

kaw1432018d ago

Since when does "casual" equate with "something that can be played in short bursts"? Sure, this game doesn't require a great investment of time when you boot it up, but it does require a great deal of thought and strategy. Then there's also that "some trophies are incredibly hard" thing, which is true.

Veneno2017d ago

Is this game the German Terminator? A cyborg from the future that is German?

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