Tomb Raider Shows Where Video Games Are Still Lacking In Narrative

An eGamer journalist talks about the new Tomb Raider, and elements of its narrative that video games in general still haven't gotten quite right yet.

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EVILDEAD3602018d ago

Game is absolutely amazing. Best Tomb Raider in 2 gens.

That is all


Tody_ZA2018d ago

As the writer of the article, I agree with you, I loved the game too, and I said as much in the opening statement :D This was about the narrative though, and video game narrative in general.

joab7772017d ago

Good article. Many have mentioned this particular moment and it could have been handled differently but at least they are taking steps. Maybe she kills a couple and its really hard to do, she meets up with roth and he yells and screams at her. Or someone she loves gets killed in front of her eyes because she couldnt pull the trigger. That would explain any killing from there on out. Maybe, for melee, it tells us she has training in hand to hand and just needed focus to execute.

It is a great sign though for video games. Hopefully it will continue in this direction.

rocky0475862017d ago

This is something that definitely needs to be worked on for sure in all games, not just this one. But the thing I don't get is why is it that most reviewers are jumping on this game in particular when ALL games do this? Plus, this game really didn't have a disconnect as badly as you'd think. Yes it's a type of disconnection and that's bound to happen between cutscene and gameplay like you said. But it's what Lara says when she's doing these things within the context of the gameplay that keeps the player immersed in her feelings. She eventually stops feeling sorry and just wants to get revenge, and rightfully so. No one EVER said she wasn't capable of handling a gun as if it were her first time doing so, same with a bow.

Where in the story arch is that explained? Nowhere. So it is to be assumed for various reasons within the context of knowing who Lara Croft is as a person already, that a billion dollar young lady of her stature would have some kind of training in these types of environments, although not as dangerous as the games environment, that she's in at the point where we start the game. I'm fairly certain that Lara Croft had shotten a bow and arrow before and/or a gun before. Just not to actually kill animals or human beings.

Yukicore2017d ago

Well as much as I agree that the narrative was very simple, the presentation was amazing and made me get into the game and really enjoy every bit of it. I didn't realize that the story was so simple until I read this article.

And this is not like comparing great presentation on a bad product and a bad presentation of good product. A video-game is a mixture of presentation and story, and the story blended in very nicely IMO, the experiences troughout the story are the most important, and as the story was quite neutral and survival on an island is not too common recently. It was very great.

Ares84HU2018d ago

It's an amazing game but I wouldn't call it the best Tomb Raider in 2 generations. For all it's worth this game has little to do with old TR games and the whole concept changed. I enjoyed this game for what it was but as a tomb raider fan this is not what I'm looking for in a Tomb Raider game. I hope the next one will be more like the older TR games. Exploration, platforming and puzzles was what Tomb Raider was all about. Most of these elements are there in this new one but they are simplified to a point where it's laughable. I think as a Tomb Raider game Anniversary is much better and so is Underworld though the story in Underworld was terrible it was a pretty good TR game. But honestly nothing touches the original trilogy.

Jobesy2017d ago

I agree, this TR is really good (I'm about 3/4 done) but it seems like the platforming and puzzles are a backseat to the action. The puzzles I have encountered are in the secret tombs and are not necessary to advance in the game. As the 1st outing in this franchise reboot it's a great game, if they can improve on the weaknesses the next TR should be even better.

rocky0475862017d ago

The platforming and exploration and puzzles took a backseat to the action this time around. That was an intentional thing because the story was what was supposed to be first and foremost. Telling Lara Croft's story isn't about solving puzzles and exploration as much as it is her surviving her first real journey.

Exploration is still big in this game though, you can spend hours finding all of the hidden artifacts and raiding tombs and whatnot without getting bombarded by enemies or going back into the story without wanting to unintentionally. The next game will more than likely focus more on the exploration and puzzle solving and platforming that we are accustomed to in a Tomb Raider game.

colonel1792017d ago

The game is awesome! It is definitely better than Uncharted 1 and 3. Uncharted 2 still tops it though, but overall the game is incredible and very fun. I can't wait for the sequel, and I really hope they do with Tomb Raider 2, what they did with Uncharted 2.

They have everything to make this one of the best series of gaming, and I wish it gets all the game of the year awards it can get, because it deserves it. Although, we'll have to see what's in store for PS4 and Xbox 3

AsheXII2018d ago

This article is totally backwards. I would like to see these journalists stranded on an island being hunted down by fanatics, how would they react? Would they not fight them back? Would they roll into a fetal position and wait to die? Of course not, they would kill those cuts in the same brutal way they did your friends and try to do you.

blackstrr4112017d ago

Well. Ps1 tomb raider were dark souls hard or harder and I hated them, couldn't finish any one. The ps2 ones wr okay but this one is BEST. Angryjoe sez it best. Go And Get It

greyhaven332017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

All I know is that this game took me by surprise. The graphics are amazing, gameplay is fun, and I personally enjoyed the narrative. One of the best games this generation imo

Ace_Pheonix2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

Yeah, but blanket statements never work. For me personally, the Metal Gear series has perfect narrative. And there are a good handful of others that are fantastic to me. I get that some are a bit shallow and cliche like a cheap bro flick, but there are plenty of examples in videogame history that have stellar storytelling.

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