On Deadspace 3, Tungsten and Microtransactions

GamaSutra - The weapons system in Deadspace 3 is actually pretty solid. By introducing crafting and customization they managed to both retain the existing depth and strategy of the staple Deadspace weapons and upgrades AND add a new layer of customization depth. Most importantly, they've eliminated the annoyance of a multitude of ammo types and streamlined the inventory experience by having all their weapons share one type of ammo. It feels both more powerful and more elegant.

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Excalibur1958d ago

So sick of people griping about the Microtransactions, here is a hint for your people, YOU DON'T HAVE TO BUY THEM!!!!

They just give you a bit of a boost in the beginning of the game IF you choose to buy them.

I beat the game the other day and by the time I got to the end I had everything I needed/wanted so if you go the Microtransactions route you just get thing a bit quicker, stop making such a big deal out of nothing, NO ONE is forcing you to buy ANYTHING to complete the game.