MTV- Mass Effect 3: Citadel Review

MTV:There's a broad streak of humor and winking at the audience in "Citadel," the final piece of DLC for "Mass Effect 3," much of it calling attention to the silliness Shepard and his crew's latest adventure amid the high rises and malls of the ancient space station/waypoint. It's the kind of humor that explicitly calls out the ridiculousness of the characters' circumstances which have to do, in part, with an admittedly cleverly-conceived villain who wants to off the Normandy commander and his crew, and while this kind of thing should grate after a while, the main adventure as well as some quality time with the surviving characters in the series effectively hit me in the sweet nostalgia spot for "Mass Effect," making this (along with "From the Ashes") an essential piece of the final game in this trilogy.

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